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Cassiopaea – Channelled Sources 

The name, `Cassiopaea’, was given consciously by channelled sources which was accessed by Laura in 1994, two years after experimental work. The source has been identifying as `we are you in the future’ and the most probable understanding is that it was Laura talking to her subconscious mind or could be communicating with what C. G. Jung, the psychologist and philosopher considered `collective unconscious’.

Modern physics has not provided any practical means for this while theories related to these subjects has not been developed which have resulted in it being controversial as well as inconclusive.Thirty years of research with a couple of years of dedicated experimentation are detailed in Laura’s autobiography, Amazing Grace and the Cassiopaean communication source started identifying itself as the Cassiopaeans. While interpreting this statement, we come across casual paradoxes while from the theoretical papers which have been published in physics journals, we understand that with careful and proper interpretation, together with quantum uncertainties, communication into the past cannot be ignored or dismissed as impossible, though improbable could be the right text but there have been many things which have been improbable and have occurred.

The Cassiopaean Experiment

The knowledge of true nature of reality, for millennia, has been deprived to humanity and religion offered false belief and hopes on the condition of humanity. Science has detached itself from what it means to be human and in a world where science and spirituality have stopped complementing each other in search for meaning; people have many queries running in their mind.

All these upcoming questions and issues weighed on the mind of Laura during her life and her narration on what has come to be known as `The Cassiopaean Experiment’ is portrayed in her book `Amazing Grace’ which is not available in print but is available at the site with updates.

The Cassiopean experiment has been in progress since the summer of 1994 and is still continuing. Researchers refer it as `superluminal communication’, in order to avoid negative connotation which have come to be connected with the word `channelling’. Though the vast majority of the channelled material seems to be useless, most of it is incomprehensible, deceptive and misinformed.

Process Undergone Refinement & Adjustment

Several years of research, experiment and constructive curiosity enabled Laura to experiment superluminal communication with her two years in experimentation together with fine tuning including contacts with dead dudes and deceptive sources which posed as higher sources of knowledge resulting in the Cassiopaean Transmissions.

All the years the process had undergone refinement and adjustment in all instruments to reach high accuracy and facilitation of improved communication. Thecommunications are different from other channelled information and it is critical channelling which discourages blind belief. The Cassiopaean does not demand to be worshipped or deified but encourage networking and researching with the others in verifying information transmitted and does not make any demands for anything to be taken without questions at face value.

Some of Cassiopaean source who have identified themselves as Laura in the future have stated `has’, been verified from wide range of researched sources, which include scientific, modern together with ancient traditions and source. There seems much which has not been verified dues to lack of data while some seem unlikely to be verified at the present level of understanding and `being’.

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