Sunday, February 26, 2012

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.IX

The Kabbalah is a Jewish religious theosophy written in the earliest century of this era. The Kabbalah have certain mysteries which were taught to Adam by God himself in the heaven. They were transmitted to the successive generations orally until they were come to existence to writing. In kabbalah calls the God as Pure Thought or Supreme will or the En Soph. According to the Kabbalah, the Holy Ghost made all the things in the universe as male or female otherwise nothing could endure.

It describes the archetypal man using many mystic references to geometry by assigning the strange numerical values of words and mentioned sex to the right and left. This archetypal man has some special references for example the wisdom was placed in the forehead and hence it was male and the intelligence in the left side of the chest and hence it is female. The father wisdom and the mother intelligence produced a crown. The right arm was for love hence it is male and the justice was in the left arm hence it is female and both together they produce beauty stay in the breasts. The firmness reside on the right thigh hence it is male and the splendor was female and reside on the left thigh they both together produce the sexual organs. According to Kabbalah the marriages are made in heaven and it preaches the greater holiness in monogamous marriages and it says the souls of husband and wife are of two halves of the hermaphrodite spirit wandered without bodies for certain period.

Similar one to Kabbalah is mentioned in the Mormons dogma. Here I wish to state Mormons are not Christian sects. Adam is the primary god where as Christ, Mohammed are the secondary divine characters. They believe that every woman has the duty of giving birth to as many children as possible since all the souls who do not enter into the children during the birth cannot enter into the heaven. They believe that a woman who avoids becoming a mother is a sin and who is doing their duty as a mother and giving birth to many children will be rewarded in the heaven proportionately. Hence Mormonism introduces the polygamy as a religious duty.

The Kabbalah has influence the Christian thinking and has flourished during the Renaissance. That was openly mentioned in the work of the famous and significant things as Pico della Mirandola, Johannes Reuchlin, Cardinal Egidio da Viterbo Arippa etc.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.VIII

While watching a naked woman you may observed the weird feminine charms of the beautifully rounded breasts, mons Veneris (fleshy mount of pubis) with its healthy growth of hair. This hairy embellishment of the Pubes of the woman is in the form of an inverted pyramid or a triangle with apex pointing down; in other words the reverse of the male triangle. Apart from the female triangle, a circle with a speck in the center, a breast with its nipple, or an “Assyrian bell” which represent breast in profile and the other end of the staff constitutes the feminine scepter of the Egypt; a triangle with a slit which represents a pubes without hair; or a doubly pointed ellipse which represent a vulva.

The narration available in bible as follows “The door of my mother’s womb” (Job iii -10). This is nothing but a religious symbolism. Literally speaking this is the door through which every human ushered into the earthly life. Sometimes the doubly pointed represented as oval and a diamond also.
All most all the ancient religions represent the goddess who presided over the womanly functions, for example moon was described as a beautiful woman or as a cow or as any of the symbols described above in the previous paragraph. The moon as named as Isis, Ma, Cybele, Ishtar, Astarte, Freya, Diana, Venus, Ashtoreth and Genetrix etc.
The female sexual organ the valva is still widely worshiped in almost most of the Asian countries and it is named as Yoni in India and this feminine attributes worshippers are named as Yonicitas. Yoni is a Sanskrit word means Uterus. This is the female power of the nature in creation. The Supreme Being divided into male and female parts when it wishes to begin the creation.

From the male part namely Brahma all males and from the female part namely nature all the females originated. In religion the female power is regarded as the special force of nature and is most justified for the worship. Here you can find the replica of an idol found in the ruins of the City of Troy, which is almost 3000 years old in which you can note the fertility triangle and the swastika symbol within it. You can compare the idol of Ishtar and find the similarities between the two primitive implements.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Know your English !! Part.X

Diacritical marks: Marks used in writing and printing to adjust the way in which a letter is pronounced,

Cedilla: (,) shaped rather like a comma, placed beneath a letter on some languages to adjust the way it is pronounced. For example, a cedilla placed beneath the letter ‘c’ in French words indicates that it should be pronounced as ‘s’ as in François
Throwing down the gauntlet:  Issuing a challenge. The original challenge involved was a duel. The gauntlet was a protective glove worn as part of a soldier’s armour in the Middle Ages. Throwing one’s gauntlet at the feet of a rival knight was a standard way of challenging him to one to one combat.

Short shrift: Brief and unsympathetic treatment, or abrupt dismissal.  The word shrift is an old term for confession in church, and short shrift originally referred to the brief time in a condemned prisoner could make his confession before being executed.

Portmanteau word (also blend): Words formed by fusing the sounds and meaning of two different words, such as chunnel  (from channel and tunnel) and chortle (from chuckle and smort). The second example was coined by Lewis Carroll, who was also responsible for the term ‘portmanteau word’. In Through the looking glass, Humpty Dumpty describes such blends as ‘like a portmanteau – there are two meanings packed up into one word’- just as a portmanteau bag consists of two thinner cases hinged together at the back.

Ivory towers:  Institution or way of life secluded from reality and often devoted to abstract intellectual concerns rather than practical every day matters.

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