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History Mystery: Mimi Spirits

History Mystery: Mimi Spirits

Mimis are like fairy spirits whose existence was found in Australia. We get to know about them from some of the Indigenous Australians tribes. They are usually playful and benevolent. According to the information, these spirits were fragile and they had long bodies. They were so thin that they fell when the wind speed was higher. It was a major risk for them. That is why the Mimi spirits preferred to spend most of their time in rock caves.

There is a hearsay that the ancient American people got to know the hunting process from the Mimi spirits. For example, the Mimis showed the old American people how to prepare kangaroo meat, use fires in their daily lives, etc. These spirits behaved like humans, but they used to live differently. We have got proof of their existence from the arts of the freshwater period.

The Australian Museum, located in Sydney, N.S.W., described them in their web article named "Indigenous Australia Spirituality." They said that the Mimi spirits are both thin and tall and have human forms. Their behavior is usually pleasant, although they have human forms. The Mimis are generally harmless, but on occasions, they become mischievous. Mimi spirits are the ones who taught the American people how to paint. They have done the first rock paintings. They lived in groups in the rock crevices.

Mimis have been seen in a cave where they also appeared in back arts. These arts are known to us as the paintings on rock shelters. From the resources of Gunwinggu country, we came to know that the Mimis were too thin to walk. According to them, they didn't have much flesh. Therefore, the bones get stuck when these spirits walk.

Story Of A Young Boy And The Mimi Spirits:

If you want to know more about the Mimi spirits, you should know about a boy. This young boy wanted to become a successful hunter like the other tribes. But he was unable to hunt as good as those tribes. Every day he used to get inspiration from his other tribe members when they returned successfully from a hunt. But it was unfortunate that he couldn't learn how to hunt accurately.

That's why the young boy also thought that he would go hunting. But as usual, he didn't get success. When the sun sets, they start their work as they used to come out at night only.

At first, the boy used to get frightened by the spirits. But later, he became friendly with the Mimi spirits. It is because he realized very quickly that the Mimi spirits are not harmful. He was the guy who helped them to return to the rock crevices.

From that day, his father started to find him as soon as he returned after tracking. His father was an expert tracker. He followed the tracks of his son and kept looking at this until the tracks suddenly stopped.

Lastly, he stopped in front of a cave. His father can hear the sounds of the Mimi spirits. But to find her boy this, he chanted for a long time until his hair and beard grew. And then after a long time, finally he was able to pull his son out from Mimi's world. It is the complete story of the young boy and the Mimi spirits.

When he returned to the camp, he had learnt a great tracking lesson. He realized that the tribes need to have different types of skills.

Characteristics of Mimi spirits:

As per details, we have got to know that mimi spirits were timid. They lived in the shady cracks and chasms of the rocks of Arnhem Land that is in Northern Australia. These spirits lived there from the beginning of their journey. You can find the painting of the stone in the bark painting. Anchor Bar Buwa Work Dj, a painter from Western Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, painted the picture. You can see a white area on that picture that refers to the rock, whereas the red area means a chamber. Mimis used to live in that cave.

Shape and size of Mimi spirits:

Mimis have a human form, although they are spirits. They had thin bodies, a big head, and long spindly arms and legs. The Mimis used to carry their weapons to keep themselves safe from the other animals. They usually made kangaroos, crocodiles, rock pythons, goannas, echidnas, fish, turtles, butterflies, birds, and other animals as their pets. They typically have friendly behavior and nature, but they can be angry if anyone tries to threaten their pets. Thou can also get to know about their livelihood from our article. By following this, you can quickly know how they lived.


These Mimis were seen only to come out at night. They hunt fish, cultivate the land. According to the resources, we get to know that, as soon as the aboriginal people were born, Mimi spirits taught them how to hunt. Besides, they also taught the older people many things like painting, and other activities. The Aboriginal culture in Northern Australia can be a perfect instance of Mimi spirits in this case.

We can find their existence on the rocks of western Arnhem Land. But, they are also crucial a part of northern Australia's folklore. They were seen all over Australia. The pictures where their existence is depicted can easily let you know about their livelihood and behavior. These arts are known as one of the finest arts on the continent.

They usually preferred to use red ochre. These Mimis are approximately thousands of years old. The male Mimis were thin and naked, whereas the females have large pendulous breasts. Most of the Mimis that are depicted in the paintings came from Oenpelli in Western Arnhem Land and Crocker Island.


They mainly preferred to eat a kind of yam that was available in Arnhem Land.


We also know that those who tried to frighten the Mimis can be punished with illness. However, many people believed that they gave good advice to people. The Mimi spirits try to maintain the balance between them and humans.

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How to Become A Dog Trainer Online


Do you love canines?

Would it please you to have a profession that makes you closer to dogs and meeting their needs?

If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then you should seriously consider becoming a dog trainer. The possibility of undergoing professional training in order to become a canine trainer may seem strange to you, however, it is true.

This is considering how the last few decades have seen research and practical models on how to improve animal behaviors. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

These programs are designed to keep you up to date with trends in dog behavior and training techniques, as well as seek newer and more effective ways to go about the process. If you are a canine lover, you can be certain that every bit of this course is exciting and has so much to offer.

However, it has to be under the right tutelage and platform. This is why this article is going to address subjects bothering around becoming a dog trainer online.

Who Is a Dog Trainer?

dog 1

S/he is one with practical knowledge on how to get the best out of every canine, especially helping both the pet and pet owner deal with any situation that comes up.

The job is more than what you have with a pet sitter who only attends to the minor needs of your furry pal and keeps him/her company.

This professional often has the experience and practical knowledge of how to help canines overcome certain bad behaviors and deal with things such as mental and/or physical pain.

Given the different canine breeds available and their behavioral differences, these trainers know how to deal with them in light of these and other differences.

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Dog Trainer?

You should consider becoming a dog trainer because it is worth it. For one, you get the opportunity to help the canines that you love. The ability to fulfill this passion is exciting.

On the other hand, the financial prospect is something you may want to pay attention to. This is because the profession provides an added source of income for many people who have other careers. So, aside from helping canines and their owners, you also smile to the bank in the process.

Also, this career is seen by some furry loving pals as a way to become entrepreneurs. After going through a credible training program that helps them become certified trainers, they set up shop. This means they do not have to engage in boring and demanding white-collar tasks.

Do Dog Trainers have to Undergo Training to be Certified?

We strongly advise that anyone considering going into this profession undergoes a credible training program. This is because clients who hire these professionals want to be certain that the trainer has the expertise and experience that the career requires.

Such clients include security agencies, well-funded and run shelters, veterinarians, groomers, pet stores, and many others.

Most of these clients listed above have more exposure to dogs and their owners and need qualified trainers when the moment arises. For this reason, you should not take the decision to undergo a professional dog training certification lightly.

This is even though there are acclaimed professionals who have no certification to prove, except for apprenticeship under professionals.

Can You Undergo Dog Training Certification Online?

Certainly, getting certified as a professional trainer is not only a process that can be done offline. The positive influence of digital technology has made it possible for people to undertake the program online.

Several credible online training platforms have well-established systems offering this service. You can check out for more information on this.

However, you would need to get industry experience at some point. This can be by acting as an intern or volunteer at a shelter or canine training service. The essence is to allow you to practicalize techniques and models learned during the certification programs.

Is Getting a Dog Training Certificate Online Worth It? Getting a training certification online comes with so many benefits. And against the idea that it is less effective than a certification done offline, online programs are great for so many reasons. Some of them include the following:

Learning at Your Pace

You do not have to go to classes at defined times. As a result, you can still learn even if you are faced with other time and financial commitments.

Easy to Comprehend Materials

Here, we are talking about analytical videos, well-documented course guidelines, regular assessments, and many more. If done with a reputable and credible body, the process makes for better dog trainers.

Helpful Views

Although you are not in a physical classroom, you get to reach more students beyond your borders. The advantage is how these people bring ideas that are strange and unusual to you. As a result, you get to learn more techniques and approaches that will help in the long run.

About the Online Learning Process

dog  2

While getting this certification online is a great option, you should be particular about getting it from the right tutors. Here are some tips on how you should go about becoming a dog trainer online:

Register with an Online Institution Recognized by Credible Canine Organizations

The thing about the internet is that anyone can put up a website and act like s/he is the next big thing. Well, to ensure that you are dealing with the right institute, make sure they are recommended by credible canine associations.

Examples of such associations include the Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI), the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

The CCPDT is particularly important in finding out the right dog training institute. For more information about them, you can check here.

Good Reviews

You should investigate the institute. Check out their website and visit other review sites. By doing so, you will get to know more about them and if they are worth the next step.

On a Final Note

Becoming an online certified dog trainer is great for so many reasons. In this article, we have addressed issues bothering around this.

Finally, we hope that the information shared here will prove helpful as you take the next step to become a dog trainer.

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Wandjina- Spiritual Art Work of Mowanjum People

The spiritual art work of Mowanjum people some four thousand years is called Wandjina. They have found exclusively in Kimberley region of Australia. The people still believe Wandjina paintings posses power and they still treat them with great respect.

According to aboriginal mythology, Wandjina (sometimes named as Wondjina) is god of cloud rain. They are depicted rock art sites spread though out the Kimberley region of Australia. Each rock art site and paintings have different names.

Wandjina- The Spiritual Art Work of Mowanjum People

The Wondjina Paintings were painted predominately using Black, red and yellow on the white background of the rocks. They are of broad-stroke art work. The Sprits depicted in groups and some times in single. The groups of the paintings arranged horizontally or vertically based on the size of the rocks. The paintings depicted the spirits with large upper bodies and heads. They have full body but they lack anatomical detailing.

The Wondjina have larger eyes similar to the eye of storm, nose and without mouse. According to aboriginal, the spirits are more powerful so they do not need a mouth. The Aboriginal believed that Wandjina’s have mouth the rain won’t ease. The headdresses of Wondjina are lines or blocks of colors that depicting the lighting over their heads. To keep the spiritual power within Wondjina Paintings they were repainted annually by the Indigenous people.
The Wondjina is the sacred spirit of the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal tribes of Australia. No one is allowed paint this and the Wondjina image trademarked back in 2015.
Most importantly, Wondjina are radiant and imposing, their dark eyes gazing out from their face spellbind, appearing to rise out from the rock surface.

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History of Postal Delivery Services

History of Postal Delivery Services
Now a days, postal service can be run by both private and Government. But in the middle of 19th century government only can run postal delivery service in monopoly. Later part of the century, the postal authorities not only transporting letters and parcels they also taken care of telegraph and telephone service all together. For intercontinental movement they used Shiply later.

 Ancient Postal Delivery System:

At the beginning of 15th century The Roman Emperor Maximilian first established the postal system in his Roman Empire. He first authorizes Franz Von Taxis to run the postal system in his empire successfully. For inter Italian city and states postal delivery service the Emperor permitted Thurn Und Taxis family. In United States, postal system was established in the later years of 17th century. The US postal system was established by the second continental congress with Benjamin Franklin as its first post master general.

The Egypt has the oldest postal service in the world. The Cairo post office department head quarter is functions in the busy street of Ataba. Egyptians developed their postal system, which date back to 2000 B.C., Nile river was used as the main mode of transporting the posts. The postal letters were kept in a box and sealed. They were escorted by the guards throughout the transit. The postal service was run exclusively for the Pharaohs.

Persian Postal System:

In 550 BCE real postal system was developed in Ancient Persia(Iran). The Persian King Cyrus the Great mandated that every region of his kingdom would organize reception and delivery of post to each and every individual citizen. He negotiated with the neighboring countries to follow the same. For the postal service he laid roads from western Iran to the Hakha city in the east.

In India in 322 BCE the Mauryan Empire started the first mail service in the Northern India. Couriers were also used to deliver mails of individuals. And In 13th century the Mysore Kingdom of Mysore used the mail system in the southern India. In the beginning of 19th century The British Raj established the postal system throughout the India. Later it underwent many changes and modernized.
In United Kingdom, the tariff was calculated based on the distance between the sender and the recipient of the letter and the number of pages used in the letter. Later with the postal reform it was worked out country wide flat rate based on the weight of the letter. The fee was levied on the recipient.

The history of Postal Delivery Services is one that goes back many centuries. It is one that involves many different areas and industries that have been involved in the success of this type of service.

The history of Postal Delivery Services is one that is relatively recent in the early part of the 20th century. In this time period, the first deliveries of newspapers were done, which would later become the norm for the next several years.

The history of Postal Delivery Services also involves the first use of a mail's service by a government agency. This would help to make the services of a newspaper more widespread. The history of deliveries/postal services also involves the first use of mail receivers. The use of mail receivers would help to make it easier to deliver goods that are part of postal services. This would help to make it easier for a person to send parcels through mail services.

In the early history of Postal Delivery Services, newspapers were big part of the service. This was one of the first things to change over the years. As it evolved, newspapers began to play a major part in the success of the service.

Methods of Postal Delivery System

One of the first uses of the Postal Delivery Services was to help newspapers with advertising campaigns. As the history of Postal Delivery Services grew, newspapers became more involved with the use of this type of service.

Another part of the Postal Delivery Services is one that involves the first use of a public postal system in a commercial setting. This would help to make the service a more reliable service. This would make the service easier for the service to be used by businesses.

The Postal Service would become a more reliable service over time, which would lead to the use of the Postal Service becoming more widespread in the United States.

There would be different types of goods that would be delivered through the postal services. One of the most popular items that would be delivered would be newspapers, which is why there would be different types of newspapers delivered through the postal system. The first type of newspaper that would be delivered through the mail would be newsprint. Newsprint would be delivered by the mail services through the use of a delivery service. This would help to make it easier for the delivery service to deliver newspapers, which would eventually lead to the use of this type of service being used.

Newspaper Delivery System

The use of the newspaper would continue to evolve over time. This would continue to include the use of newspapers that would be delivered through the postal service.

There would be different methods for the delivery of this type of service, which would include the use of trucks that would be used. This would be used to make it easier for the delivery of newspapers through the mail services. The trucks would be used in order to make the delivery easier.

There would be different types of newspapers that would be delivered through the services of the mail. This would include the use of newspapers that would be delivered through a newspaper delivery service. There would also be the use of newspapers that would be delivered via a post office.
As the Postal Delivery Services evolved over time, there would be the introduction of different types of delivery methods. This would include the introduction of different types of delivery services that would be used.

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Narmer Palette- The Ceremonial Engraving

Narmer Palette
The Narmer Palette is an Egyptian Ceremonial engraving. The Chevron shaped stone tablet is over two feet tall. It also is known as the Victory Palette and Great Hierakonopolis Palette. The palette shows the first Dynasty King conquering his foes and uniting upper and lower Egypt. The palette is almost the first of its kind dating back 3200-3000BCE. It also depicts one of the earliest hieroglyphics to date. The tablet is said to be made from a single siltstone and represents the first ceremonial tablet of its kind. The very fact that the tablet is found to be carved on both sides shows that it was used for ceremonial purposes and not of the ordinary kind. The palette intricately depicts the king of the First Dynasty in Egypt defeating his enemies and securing the Approval of the gods for uniting the lower and upper parts of Egypt.

The Narmer Palette Scenes: 

The engraving shows a king defeating is enemies only to unite Egypt under one rule. Traditionally such a King is called Menes- a king of the first dynastic rule of Egypt that united both the lower and upper halves.

Menes was also associated with his predecessor Narmer who also had ambitions of uniting Egypt under one rule using peaceful means. This was according to discoveries made by the BCE historian Manetho. Another ruler who also had aspirations of ruling a unified Egypt was Hor –Aha, Menes’ successor.

Based on earlier records of Manetho the chronology depicts Menes as the first king of Egypt’s dynasty. But since then records have been lost. Piecing back the earlier records however shows that Manetho might have been wrong. Subsequent archeological finds of artifacts and temples shows the view that Menes was the first king to be wrong. When the Narmer palette was eventually found, there was no express sign showing that it belonged to Menes as the King of the first Dynasty in Egypt. As time passed Menes is now come to symbolize the three kings wishing to unite the upper and lower halves of Egypt and not just one king.

Later Egyptologist Flinders Petrie associated Menes with Narmer, claiming that the two were in fact one person. Menes was merely an honorary name meaning “one who endures” and was conferred on Narmer, this was according to Petrie. As for Hor- Aha- the name is again associated with Menes in that the king was also given the honorary title of Menes.

Archeological Finds 

So technically the reference to Narmer was then assumed to be the first king of first dynasty Egypt. The Narmer palette was conferred on him when he united both halves of Egypt under a single rule. The palette shows the king of upper Egypt defeating the then ruler of lower Egypt into uniting Egypt as a whole.

Based on found records and archeological finds Egypt’s unification took place between 3150 BCE to 2680 BCE. Dates for unification of the first dynasty is normally accepted to be 3150BCE but for the second dynasty it is between 2890-2670BCE. This shows that the unification under the second dynasty rule did not last and every king had to put up with civil unrests. Records of the time show that mostly all the unrest was between the lower and upper halves of Egypt and there was no foreign element at play.

Unification under Narmer’s rule was most assuredly done under a military campaign and not through peaceful means. This was as depicted by the palette.

Narmer Palette Depictions: 

On one side of the palette we see Narmer wearing the war crown of Upper Egypt as well as the wicker crown signifying his defeat of Lower Egypt. At the bottom of the same side we see two people capturing the entwined bodies of two serpentine beasts. The two serpentine beasts are commonly interpreted as being the Lower and Upper halves of Egypt. There is however no proof for this interpretation.

Still lower on the section, the king is depicted as a bull ramming the city walls and trampling his enemies with his hooves.

The other side of the Narmer Palette shows a single large image of Narmer with his war club with which he is about to strike down his enemy that he is holding by the hair. Beneath his feet are two men who are either dead or trying to escape his wrath. At the back of the king is a servant who holds his sandals and above is the god Horus that is supposedly pleased with the proceedings.