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Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil - Cryptid/Legendary Creature

The Jersey Devil, a cryptid or legendary creature is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, in United States. It has been described as a flying biped having hooves with various variations. The most common description would be that it is a kangaroo like creature having the head of a goat, wings like those of a bat, horns, small arms that have clawed hands, cloven hooves and a forked tail. It is said that it can move very quickly and is often described emitting blood curdling scream. The earliest legend dates back to Native American folklore where the Lenni Lenape tribes called the area Popuessing which means place of the dragon. Later it was named Drake Kill by Swedish explorers where drake is a word for dragon and kill means channel or arm of the sea, stream or river in Dutch. The accepted legend is that in 1735, a resident of Pines, known as Mother Leeds was pregnant for the thirteenth time and did not live a wealthy lifestyle since her husband was a drunkard who did not make much effort to provide for his twelve children and his wife. Out of frustration on knowing that she was pregnant with the thirteenth child, she raised her hands towards the heavens proclaiming `let this one be a devil’.

Reckless Curse Takes Shape

Jersey Devil
She went into labour after a few months on one stormy night and was not mindful of the curse she had recklessly uttered to her unborn child. The birth of the child took place safely while her children and husband huddled in one room of their Leeds Point home and the local midwives gathered to deliver the baby in another room which was a normal baby boy. Mother Leeds’ reckless wish began to take shape within minutes and the baby began to change, metamorphosing before their eyes. Within a few moments, it transformed from a charming newborn baby into a hideous creature which had never been seen in the world and the wailing child began growing at incredible speed with sprouted horns from the top of its head and talon like claws from the tips of its fingers. Its leathery bat like wings unfurled from its back with hair and feathers all over its body.Its eyes glowed bright red growing larger in the monster’s face which gnarled and snarled.

Transformed & Attacked

This extra ordinary creature even savagely attacked its own mother killing her, thereafter turning its attention to the horrified onlooker who had witnessed its transformation. It attacked them clawing and biting them, making unearthly shrieks all the time, It also tore the limbs of the midwives maiming some and killing others.The monster then broke down the door of the next room where his father and siblings hid in fear and attacked them killing whoever he could and those who survived the ordeal watched in horror as it sprinted to the chimney and flew up destroying it on the way, leaving a lot of rubble behind. It then took advantage of escaping into the darkness and desolation of the Pine Barrens and lived there since then. The creature known as the Leeds Devil and the Jersey Devil, claims that he owns the Pines and terrorizes anyone who may be unfortunate to encounter it.

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