Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Body Piercing, A Painful Pleasure?

Body Piercing

The history of Body piercing is around 5000 years old. Almost all the cultures in the ancient times pierced their body. The objective of this post is to display some amazing customs in body piercing. In the ancient times, people not only pierced their nose and ear lopes, they also pierced their septum, nipple, clitoris, navel, foreskin and scrotum piercing. Let us view some of the peculiar piercing practices of the early history.

Nipple piercing:  

Nipple piercing was practiced by the ancient Romans. The ancient Roman centurions pierced their nipples to display their power and virility. That was a symbol of honor that displayed their dedication to the Roman Empire. Nipple piercing helped the centurion to unite and control the large Roman army. To display his singularity and strength even Julius Caesar pierced his nipples too.

In the middle of 14th century the women practiced to wore low necklines that could display almost more than half of their breasts. The queen Isabella of Bavaria wore the garments of the grand neckline (this kind of dress displays their upper body from breast to naval. This tradition eventually led the royal ladies to freely display their breasts and place diamond studded rings and caps on their ‘little apples of paradise’ and in some cases they  passed the gold chains through them and decorated with diamonds.

According to modern days research the nipple piercing makes the nipples to grow bigger in size and makes more sensitive and sexually attractive. It gives immense pleasure and continuous stimulation in the nipples.

Male genital piercing:

                 The piercing of Glans of penis was pierced to insert jewelery in the ancient times. Even Kama Sutra tells us the Apadravya piercing. In the ancient times the athletes participated nude in the Olympian Games to avoid their penis moving about and get injured the tied the foreskin of the penis with a leather thong with base of the penis. That leather thong was called” Kynodeme.” This practice may lead to the permanent piercing of foreskin, to prevent the slaves and athletes from having sex.  The genital piercing through the head of the penis was performed to the slaves and gladiators not only to avoid injury they are at the mercy of the owners to do have sex.

                 The husband of Queen Victoria of England, Prince Albert had pierced his penis to allow it to hold it by a hook inside the trousers not to create an unsightly bulge. Remember wearing a pant so tight is the custom of that period.


  1. yes friend, this body piercing was many old time :) maybe for satisfaction :)

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  3. Wow.I love the facts you shared here ,Elixir of Knowledge!! :) I mean,I always thought this whole nipple piercing bla was just for attention.I knew it had a history but never knew this! :) Thanks for the info.


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