Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Can You Get Best Hotel Deals

Today all tourist locations have numerous hotel options and choosing the best among them might be a tedious task. One has to search, browse, read reviews and then decide judiciously on the best one for them. Hotels might give claim to give lucrative deals and amenities but it is always advisable to do a complete research and also read previous reviews about a particular hotel of interest. There are lot of portals which provides hotels deals.

Some pointers while choosing a cheap hotel deal can be stated as follows:

Time to give up small luxuries: You might consider not expecting smaller luxuries in your hotel room which might have been signature for many 5-stars. Today hoteliers including high-end ones have figured out ways to cut down their cost on different fronts not hampering their high class customer service for example using a wall dispenser rather than supplying endless amount of soaps and shampoos in the toilets.

Time to look for cheaper hotels: Probably the proverb fits well here that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, so it is better to go for a cheaper hotel with all required amenities and good rating and reviews rather than only looking at 5 star hotels with higher rates. A cheaper hotel does not necessarily mean a bad one. Many hotels have reduced their cost to keep up with the competition yet provide the best in hospitality.

Time to compare and contrast: Since all online portals provide ratings and reviews for all listed hotels, it is better to compare and contrast before choosing a hotel. Also it is advisable to compare between rates provided by different websites for the same hotel.

Time to avail discounts: Hotel bookings if done in advance can be cheaper as hotels give better rates and different early bird offers and discounts. Hotels tend to increase the tariff once these offers expire and only few rooms are left. Discounts can also be availed for bulk bookings.

Time to revise travel dates if required: Try to travel during off season to a particular destination to get cheaper rates. During off season, hotels reduce their rates. Sometimes it is better to visit the hotel website and talk to them directly regarding such discounts. Thus also helps you to negotiate with the hotel on the rates.

Time to join a loyalty program: Being a registered member of the travel clubs or any loyalty program also allows you and your family to get discounts as privileged members. Hotels have some special packages

Time to book as combination: You can get cheaper rates if you book hotels along with your flight tickets as a package. Most hotels offer good offers and discounts for booking through the online portals. You may also opt not to have food inside the hotel and look for cheaper options outside.

Some of the best website where you can get cheaper and best deals for hotels can be listed as:

  • Make My Trip
  • Expedia
  • Yatra
  • Cleartrip
  • Trivago
  • ixigo
  • Goibibo
  • Travelguru
The entire above travel portal provides exclusive offer on hotel booking coupon codes like goibibo coupons or musafir coupons and get discount on booking. For more offer and deal visit

There are many more but it is important to judge the credibility of these portals as well before booking. Hence it is better to use the most popular and reliable ones.

So it you are planning a vacation, plan much ahead and explore these sites for the best hotel rates within your budget and save money for other enjoyments.

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