Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History Mystery: Realm of Myths and Legends -12

Amazons: In Greek mythology, a group of female warriors who lived near the Black sea. They had their right breasts burnt off in order to use a bow the arrow more efficiently in war. Theseus took a captive an Amazon named Hippolyta, and they had a son called Hippolytus. Any strong, aggressive woman is some time called an Amazon.

Ambrosia: Food of the gods in Greek mythology. Those who ate it were said to become immortal.

Particularly delicious food is sometimes referred to as ambrosia.

Atlantis: Lost continent first described by the Greek philosopher Plato more than 2000 years ago. Atlantis was said to have been a marvel of prosperity and advanced engineering, enjoyed by a just and peaceful society, until it became corrupted by its wealth. The gods then directed earth quakes and floods against Atlantis until it was swallowed up by the sea. This legend may simply have been a moral fable invented by Plato, but historians still argue about the continent’s possible existence and geographical position. Some scientists think Plato’s Atlantis may have been based on the Minoan civilization of Crete, destroyed around 1500BC by a series of natural disasters. Archeological discoveries suggest that the island of Santorini, 70 miles north of Crete, may have been Atlantis itself.

Fisher king: King in Arthurian legend who presided over the Grail castle where the Holy Grail was kept; he is also known as the Grail King. The Fisher King had been severely wounded yet was incapable of dying. His land was in desolation and the crops would not grow. According to a prophecy, he could be healed only when an innocent fool arrived in the court and asked him why he as ill. An innocent knight called Parsifal found the castle, and eventually asked the necessary question.


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