Thursday, September 1, 2011

History Mystery: Realm of Myths and Legends -13

World Tree: Tree of life and knowledge in Norse mythology, also known as Yggdrasil. An ever green ash tree, it bound heaven, earth and hell together with its roots and branches, the god Odin hung himself from the World tree for nine days in order to acquire wisdom.
Trolls: In Norse mythology, mischievous dwarfs or giant ogres who lived in caves and mountains. They were skilled at working metals and notorious for stealing.
Thor: God of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology who had three magic weapons; a hammer which returned to him after it was thrown, an iron gloves which helped him to throw the hammer, and a belt which increase his size and strength.
Poseidon: Greek name for Neptune, the god who ruled the sea. Poseidon could command the waves, provoke storms and cause springs to flow.
Penelope: Wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology. Penelope remained true to her husband while he was away fighting in the Trojan War, even though she was harassed by suitors pressing her to remarry. To stall for time, she promised to choose someone after she had finished weaving a robe for her father in law, but she unraveled her work every night. When her trick was discovered, she agreed to give herself to whoever could bend Odysseus’s might bow- a bow which only he could string. When a man she redid not recognizes accomplished the task, Penelope realized that her husband had returned, in disguise.

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