Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History Mystery: Realm of Myths and Legends -10

Holy Grail: Sacred cup said to have been used by Jesus at the last Supper. It became an object of quest for the Knights of the Round Table, Including Sir Galahad and Parsifal. In one story, it was kept in the Grail castle of the crippled Fisher King. According to the legend, the Grail is said to rest beneath the spring on Glasstonbury Tor.
Narcissus: Beautiful youth in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection. Because he was unable to tear himself away from the image, he wasted away and turned into the narcissus flower. In psychology narcissism is the excessive admiration of oneself.
Midas: King of Phrygia in Greek mythology, who was granted one wish by the god Dionysus – that everything he toughed would turn to gold. He regretted his request when his food became inedible metal and he turned his daughter into golden stature. On the instruction of Dionysus, he bathed in the river Pactolus to rid himself of his golden touch.
Pygmalion: Legendary king of Cyprus who fell in love with a statue he had made of his ideal woman. Aphrodite brought it to life so that he could marry her. George Bernard Shaw’s play PYGMALION adapts this theme.

Psyche: Beautiful girl in Roman mythology. Venus was so jealous of her beauty that she ordered her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with someone ugly. But Cupid himself fell in love with Psyche; he visited her every night in the dark and ordered her never to try to see him. One night Psyche lit a lamp to look at Cupid while he was asleep, but he awoke and fled. While Psyche searched for him, Venus treated her cruelly and set her many harsh tasks. Eventually Jupiter made Psyche immortal, and she and Cupid were married.


  1. Rajkumar,I luv everything abt the 'Holy Grail' as I'm hearing abt that after my fav movie 'India Jones and the Last Crusade'.

  2. I will try to more about the Holy Grail in my future post Christy!!!


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