Friday, November 19, 2010

Did Jesus ever visit India?

           There are so many mysteries in Bible.  One of its mysteries is about Jesus where about in early twenties. In New Testament there is a huge gap from his puberty till three years before his crucifixion. The general inference is that he was assisting his father in his carpentry work and nothing had happened remarkable. There are so many rumors about him in that period and we could not validate them. Let us see one of them. 

         One rumor was that Jesus went to  India during that time. By that time there were well established trade routes, so it may be possible. Remember Alexander came here several centuries before, then why can’t Jesus? 

In 19th century; Nicolas Notovitch a Russian traveler mentioned in his travel book about this. According to him this story was revealed by a senior Lama in Ladakh. Let us go through that.
      According to him a manuscript was read to him. In that mentioned, Jesus was respected as Bodhisattva in the name of Issa and he came to India to learn more about Buddhism and Vedas.  In Ladakh he had healed and made a dead child alive.  As Jesus stirred up the caste war against Brahmins he was forced to leave India and Jesus returned back to Persia.

            To verify the authenticity of Notovitch claim, Max Muller sent one letter to the monastery, but they disavowed such knowledge of things and manuscript. There are so many controversies in his book. According to him Jesus was called as Issa, but Issa an Islamic name was not in use by that time of Jesus.

            But the Ahmadiyya Muslims believe that Jesus survived after the crucifixion and then fled to India, and lived and died of his old age. Similar story was incorporated by Elizabeth Clare prophet. 

                It may not happened  as exactly as Notovitch claimed but there are so many similarities  between the religious movements of India and Near East in the early millennium  which is to be explored  to know more about the facts.

Bhavishya Purana 19:23.: ' am born to virgin'


  1. i follow you every day,,nice posts..:))

  2. Nice post Rajkumarji. I so farhappen to hear in Church sermons that there were rumours abt Jesus that He visited India(Kashmir) b4 starting His mission at the age of 30 . but they r rumours still. This is the first time I'm reading abt His stay in India after Crucifix.It was spread as His disciple John might have come to Kashmir after Jesus ascended to Heaven.


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