Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pagan Goddess and Gods

     Egypt was a land of many people; those came from different parts of the world for better life was the melting pot of the ancient world civilization. As the people were of different region they brought with them their own traditions, religions cultures and sentiments. 

          Here I wish to point out few things to my readers; here I am talking about the Egypt of more than two thousand years ago, Present Egypt was conquered by Arabs just three decades ago and was inhabited by them but still a few native Egyptians are left in the world today (they were the descendants of the Tamari – the people of Mari who were the original Egyptians).

           For more than three millenniums, the religion of Isis and Hathor otherwise known as The PaganGoddess and Gods was prospered in Egypt, until the Christians entered there. Isis was
Triple Goddess connotation in one being. She is the goddess of Manifestation, nature, law, ethics, love and magic. Isis governs the forces of Creation. Her name means 'throne'. She is the source of all creative power.  She gives form to the formless.

  The Christians destroyed the last temples of the Goddess Isis in the 5th century. Even few priests escaped and kept in secret of their religion for the sixty generation of priests. Even now also some Egyptians are practicing their religion in hidden, to escape from the strict laws of Islamic justice.
The teachings of their religion are sex positive. That was very new in the time of sex domination and guilt. Their Goddess taught the path way to divine is sex.  

Most of the present day religions cannot answer these following questions:
Where did I come from to this world?
Why I am here on the earth?
Where do I go after death?


  But this religion of Goddess has the answer with it. The purification rituals of them were the rituals of psycho pomp and of divine sexual. They strongly believe that sex was given by the goddess for both women and men to enjoy the life and sex are the creative power of the universe. They believe Sex as principle by which soul are conducted to and from the world of spirits.


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