Friday, November 19, 2010

Black Magic Symbols

       In black magic and astrological practices the triangle is of most significant importance in enlightening realm. Among the Satanists and witches the   double triangle (otherwise called seal of Solomon or Hexagram) is of great importance. It is of two triangles superimposed on one another. One triangle pointed upward and the other pointing downward. The pointing upward triangle denotes the material matter and the male generative act and the downward triangle mentions the spiritual and the female sexuality. Hence this seal indicates the integrated power of male and female together that is sexual union. Remember in llluminisam there is a sex cult and you can find sexual connotations in it. And they use signs and symbols to hide their sexual notes. Single triangle is widely used in occult (remember Jews uses this single triangle or the delta symbol to denote their goddess).
                    The triple triangle mentions the number 666 symbolically because 666 is the holy number of Goddess. In Hebrew the sixth letter is V (Vau) that is Nail; Nail is also the secret title for Satan. Remember the book of revelation coded the beast as 666

               The occult magicians and witches use the triangle formed by the word ABRACADABRA. This is an ancient word in Rome and Pagan doctors used this word for occult medicine.

               Satan (Saturn) or Lucifer was worshiped by the early civilization people and they used the triangle within the circle symbol.  This denotes symbol of creation and the circle of life. The triangle surrounded by the serpentine circle indicates the unholy trinity.


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