Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it possible to feel Near Death Experience? Part.II

For the skeptics, people who report a near death experience are certainly sincere, but they have not returned from death. Sceptics see the NDEs as simply a mirror of reality, with nothing to do with the afterlife. The question that remains, though, concerns the substance of these cases.
Suppose for a moment, that the victims had really left their bodies. This would mean that an independent part of their being could detach itself from the physical body. The survivors are convinced that this is what takes place. But there are no rational grounds for believing this to be true.
For many psychologists and physiologists, a near death experience can be compared to conditions of trance and their accompanying hallucinations. Under the impact of an overwhelming physical and mental shock, the brain releases large amounts of chemicals known as endorphins- natural painkillers which bring about feeling of happiness and wellbeing. The effects of the endorphins are similar to those triggered by certain synthetic drugs, and include the feeling of peace described by some survivors of NDEs. After such a journey into the beyond, some people not only lose their fear of death, but they even regret having returned- not least because it is at this point that the pain begins. But at least they are still alive.


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  2. the experience of death then u comeback to alive? only brave one can do that

  3. I don't want to feel it... it's possible, but too risky...

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