Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poompuhar : Underwater excavation in Tamil Nadu

Poompuhar is an ancient port city in Tamil Nadu, India. Its very old name in Tamil Poetic works and other literature are Puhar , Kaveripoompatinam etc. It is located in the mouth of river Kaveri in Southern Tamil Nadu. It was once a flourishing ancient Port city in the Early Chola Kingdom around 500AD.

The city was constructed in a well planned manner. The city had two distinct districts one near the sea and the other one to the west. The district near the sea was inhabited by the fisher folk, foreign traders,overseas travellers, and merchants. weavers, silk merchents vendors,potters and jewellers stayed there. The shipyard and ware house was there.And is named as Maruvurpakkam, to its west is Pattinapakkam. Kings and nobles, rich merchants, farmers, astrologers, dancers and army were stayed there.

In Silapathikaram one of the most famous five epics in Tamil Literature Poompuhar was extolled and heralded in detail. Other Tamil literature's like Manimekalai and Temple Inscriptions speaks loudly the fame of Puhar. Purananooru a very old poetic work also describe the city and the life of the Puhar people.

Big ships entered the port without any hassles and the precious goods arrived from other countries spread over the sea shore and the goods were stored in the huge warehouses and displayed in both day and night market for sale. Many very huge and high beautiful mansions are near the sea shore with high platform.

The Scientists believes that the ancient city was destroyed by Tsunami in 416 Ad possibly caused by Krakatoa event.

In 2006 National Institute of Ocean Technology conducted some surveys and showed the remains of the ancient port city well inside the sea two kilometers away. The record of Tamilians international trade and architectural marvelous sinks silently into the deep.


  1. Interesting! And very beautiful and frameworks, it is said that man lives as collecting information and all the bad dies.
    I had no idea about these beautiful places, but I think with sadness that the tsunami has done more damage and trouble .......
    hi with respect to all!

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  7. Very nice, always fascinated by undersea exploration - even awed by Dwaraka.
    poompuhar has an a mysterious aura around it.Very nice, always fascinated by undersea exploration - even awed by Dwaraka.
    poompuhar has an a mysterious aura around it.

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  9. but much has not been done by the government to continue the excavation and to preserve the ancient cultural heritage....


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