Friday, March 5, 2010

Aztecs:A great imperial power of Mexico valley

A great imperial power, The Aztecs came to dominate the valley of Mexico in less than hundred years. Egged on by blood thirsty gods, they were a war like people, out standing for their military skill and well organized society by that time the Spanish Conquistador Herman Cortes arrived in 1519, The Aztecs and their allies were rulers of some 25 million peoples. The Aztecs were one of many tribes who invaded the valley of Mexico soon after the collapse of The Toltecs in the late 12th century. They dominated the valley after 1438.

Tehochtitlan is the capital city. It is a city of canals and narrow streets, The Aztecs capital was built on an island in the lake Texcocs. It was linked to the land by three narrow cause ways. The city was home to 2, 00,000 people- four or five times larger than any European city by that time. Most people lived in small houses in the narrow streets surround an area of temples- The Great Percinct. The centre of the Technochtitlan was dominated by the Great Percinct, surrounded by the wall decorated with huge serpent heads. Inside the enclosure were the temples of the leading gods.

A skull rack displayed the head of countless victims of human sacrifice. When they won the war The Aztecs killed many prisoners as offering to their gods. Aztecs believed that human sacrifices were necessary in order for the universe to continue. The commoners lived in small mud houses and grew crops on the marshes. They dressed simply. The nobles were warriors, tribute collectors, and judges; they were rewarded for their service with land. The subject peoples made their regular payments to their Aztec overlords, in the form of maize, cacao, or cotton.


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