Friday, January 22, 2010

Intelligence, a curse or a boon to blooming buds?

What is intelligence? Why some children are more intelligent than others? What makes men like Thomas Alva Edison out standing? Why some child prodigies like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart so intelligent?

If we are telling that those little gifted children as Intelligent but the psychological term for these little genius is “precocious” which means that these children posses more skill than the children of same age group.

The gifted children are exceptional in all respects in all respects. They learn quickly. They grasp very fast as the adults. They think highly as such the adults, and they often learn to read write by themselves. They often stand out from others in all areas.

They are so many examples for the child genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart learned to play Harpsichord at the age of four and he composed his maiden sonata at the age of six and “BASTIEN AND BASTIENEE “ , his first opera at the age of 12. The famous Italian painter Primo Conti painted his first self portrait at the age of 11. 14years old Rumanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci was the first to achieve two perfect10”s – the dream score.

There is no anatomical difference and they are in every way as a normal child, but there are specific features of the brain give them boost to excel in different fields. The term intelligence mention not a specific function of the brain but it is a combination of number of brain functions such as: The ability to understand ideas that turn them into action, the capacity for abstraction adopting ideas, creativity the capacity to recall The capacity that we use to assess a situation quickly and to take the necessary action otherwise known as common sense. Hence there are so many form of Intelligence. For that reason only the Psychologists avoid formulation an exact definition of the concept- Intelligence but they agree that there are certain criteria that researchers can determine the Intelligence level.

Then what is mean by genius? For example, Albert Einstein whose general theory of relativity revolutionist our law of physics and universe is termed as genius. In 20th century he is considered as a most renowned scientist, though many of his contemporaries were also remarkably knowledgeable. Therefore his creative inventive, intelligence made him to stand apart.

In fact gifted children never try to attract others attention. They are uncomfortable with their extra ordinary talent and they tend to be shy and reserved very few of them are out standing in their class performance. They generally try to restrain their mental ability in order to single out from their peer group. Some times they become so bored of the classes routines and they started to spend their time in day dreaming subsequently their academic marks fall rapidly.

Now my question is, “Is Intelligence a curse or blessing? Register your opinions in the comments page.

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  1. Wonderful analysis! intelligence is definitely a blessing if used for the welfare of all :)


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