Monday, January 25, 2010

Big bang Theory Part.I

The creation of the stars and the in the universe had created with a explosion – is called Big bang. In spite of some reservation the big bang theory remains well founded and most convincing theory till date.
According to the cosmologists and astronomers the space and time began with a mighty explosion called as “Big Bang” Most of the scientists supported it. But still we don’t know exactly what happened at the down of universe.
According to the big bang theory the age of our universe is 13thousands million years. If you want to tell more accurately the universe came into existence some (10^-43) seconds after big bang.
When it was 10^-43 seconds old the universe was indefinitely dense and hot. It was 10^32 degree centigrade. By that time matter and energy were in separable densely bonded and they compress to a mass of less than 10^-50 cm in radius. The new born universe immediately expands at a tremendous rate more it expand more it cooled down. Then gradually matter and its opposite antimatter emerged from this energy bundle. After10^-10 seconds the temperature fallen down to thousand billion degrees Celsius impossible to conceive except in theory.
At this point the cosmos contains the basic particles- quarks, electrons, neutrinos, as well as particles of anti matter at 10^6secondsthe temperature had fallen down to 10billion degrees. The particles of matter and antimatter collided with each others. The more the temperature falls down the more the matter and antimatter formed which then collide and disappear since the quarks and electrons are more than the anti matter hence the matter prevailed after about three seconds the last positron was destroyed and the present matter which contain electrons protons neutrons came to existence. After the first three seconds the universe continued to expand and cool only 800000 years after the big bang the temperature had reached the 3000C and the protons and electrons began to combine as hydrogen atom. At this point of time energy separated from the matter and the first photon-light quanta were released.

Over the next thousand years the stars took shape. In their cores, the nuclear fusion was ignited. this the energy that fuels our sun. As the temperature continued to reduce the first galaxies appeared, as did quasars- on the edges. Galaxy after galaxy the universe took its present form. 4.5 thousands million years ago our solar system made its appearance.
(to be continued)

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