Wednesday, October 5, 2011

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.II

Of course, sex was clearly perceptible in the higher animals and humans, but the ideas as to the sexual progression were fuzzy and are completely unscientific. In fact, the most primitive references in the oldest mythology did not always spoken of “aggressive principles", but it is evident that it taught that the God was of hermaphrodite nature. The story of Cronus is worth remembered. According to Hesiod (The great old Bible of Greek) Cronus (Saturn) separated the Earth and the Heaven with a sickle, by dissecting (Castrated) the sexual organ of his father Uranus.

In Elephanta caves near Bombay there are lot of magnificent old workmanship representing Lord Shiva and Shakthi as one being of hermaphrodite in nature. One of these statutes is about 16 feet high, both male and female sex organs, or being half female and half male. The genderless form of Siva Parvathi, before separation, was called Viraj. In the middle of this cave temple is a bust of the Hindu Trimurti, six feet high.

The thought that formerly gods and men were androgynous, and had to be separated into unisexual beings, accounts for the word "sex," derived from secus (the seco means to ampute or cut apart). Here I wish to state one peculiarity here. Most of the Aryan nations speak of their ultimate God as “Father”. This proclaims the importance of sex in the religion.

The ancient Rig Veda which is the sacred writings of Hindu religion is the oldest literary work of the religious faith. They are supposed to be composed between 4000 to 1500BC. Earlier Vedas were transmitted orally to the younger by the elders of the family. It was reduced to writing only after 600BC. The Vedas in one supreme god Brahma whose   attributes are the three personified powers of creation, protection and destruction. The respective names are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. They together form the Trimurti, or Hindu Trinity, represented as one body with three heads or three faces within a single head.

                                           (to be continued)


  1. its a good idea to break an article into more than 1 part. It keeps the curiosity in the readers alive! :)
    I am eagerly looking forward for the next section of the same. Your research is very enlighting.
    Though your context is extremely different, I have shared my vies about eunuchs in my blog. It is of an immature nautre as They were written in my schooling days. But I am proud of that thought. I would like you to read it in the following page.


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