Sunday, October 2, 2011

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.I

The information consolidated about the phallic religion led me to doubt whether this was ever a religion from all other religions apart; it seems to me that this is merely a phase in the evolution of all religions. Nor was it a real worship of the genital organs, but rather a use of representations of the phallus and yoni as symbols for certain religious ideas which were embodied in nature-worship.

According to the modern civilized thought, the most of the religions like the ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek and or the latest Hindu worship of Siva are based on sex. According to ancient thought, Heaven and the earth were first permanently united as a genderless (hermaphrodite) deity or an endless sexual hug. The same idea can be found in all ancient myths (Uranus male and Gea female) and then later separated into male and female gods. The heaven mentioned here is not of the Christian belief. The heaven mentioned here is the atmosphere (The region of clouds and over clouds) which covers the earth on all the sides and considered earth being beneath (heaven- male; earth- female).
According to Bible ''So God created man in his own image; male and female created He them" (Genesis 27the verse of I chapter) and it is again emphasized by the wordings ''In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he them; and God blessed them, and called their name Adam.'' (Genesis Chap. V, verses one and two). According to Hebrew tradition (The Talmud) Adam was created Androgynous (Androgynous means hermaphrodite or genderless). His head touched the clouds and God caused the sleep fall on him and created ordinary men and women from his body parts and scattered them over the world. According to another version, Adam’s first wife deserted him and hence God separated Adam into his two sexual parts and made Eve from his ribs. According to Philo a Jewish philosopher who lived in the same period of Jesus, Adam was a double, androgynous or hermaphrodite and God separated Adam in to male and female (Eve).
The desire for reunion which love inspired in the separated halves of the originally dual being, is the source of the sexual pleasure, which is the commencement of all transgressions." The Targum of Jonathan mentions that Eve was made from the thirteenth rib of Adam's right side; even modern theologists have the view that Adam had one more rib than his offspring.

The Hindu religion explains the creation of the different animals in the same way. Purusha Avas was first lonely in the world and he was tired of his very loneliness he divided himself into two human beings man and his wife. His wife regarded having sex with him to be incestuous since both of them came from the same body (Brother and Sister). She fled from his romantic advances and embraces and to avoid him she herself changed into various forms but Purusha also assumed the same shapes as his wife and in these forms he succeeded in his hot pursuit. That was result in the creation of various animals in the universe.

                                                           (to be continued.)


  1. Hmm...Interesting piece of information...Your research input is impressive. I have always believed in and lived by the concept of Ardhanarishwara.
    Awaiting the post to continue. :)

  2. Ardhanarishwarar is the right word representing hermaphrodite. Thanks for your timely assistance Akila.

  3. Please refer to for details on arththanari siva as half male and female .the deity arththanari is worshipped at a place called tirusengode ,namakkal dist tn


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