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Thursday, February 26, 2015

VanHeusen’s MyFit – Personalized Fit


VanHeusen’s MyFit – Personalized Fit – Shirts/Trousers/Suits

VanHeusen’s introduction to MyFit is one of the most appropriate options to choose from when it comes to personalizing your fit on shirts, trousers or suits. In this fast track world of today where time seems to be the main criteria amidst one’s busy schedule, individuals may not have the time to indulge in a shopping expedition. It could also be a disappointment if an outfit is needed for an important occasion with no time for the purchase of the same.

In moments like these, the option of online shopping comes to the rescue of individuals in need of apparel who may have no time to purchase one from a local store. The chances of getting one from the tailor at short notice could also be a doubtful option since it would involve a physical presence which would not be possible due to the constraint of time.

Fastest & Largest Company on Branded Apparels

Well-designed shirts, trousers andsuits are made readily available at online portals for the conveniences of the consumers. Shopping online is an amazing experience and hats off these providers who have brought about this change making the process of online shopping an enjoyable experience minus the stress of venturing out.

The service provider being one of India’s fastest and the largest company on branded apparels, a lifestyle partner in the retail sector, has the potential of providing consumers with the most prestigious global fashion wear together with accessories. On acquiring leadership with its own brands, it has now extended towards premier international labels forming a niche in the international market.

Affordable/High End Style

Myfit 1
Consumers have the liberty to a range of brand products which vary from affordable and mass market to sophisticated, high end style, that are available for every age group which includes children youth, men as well as women. Their collections of fits include Winter Wardrobe, Classic White, Linen Story, Monochrome, Special occasion shirts, Men in prints, Denim on denim, Air and Van Heusen Men Lifestyle Clothing.

Myfit 2
Consumers could check for details with regards to their choice, size, colour and budget prior to their indulgences on purchase. Another added advantage is by way of opting for the sale products displayed which are real money savers on branded products available at one’s fingertips. Availability on varieties of options awaits the customers intending to indulge in some of their favourite brands on apparels.

The Collective – Blend of Global Fashions 

Besides Van Heusen, their brands comprise of Allen Solly, Peter England, Louis Philippe, Pantaloons, to mention a few. Being a part of Aditya Birla Group comprising of over 60,000 team supporters on board, this company has reached out to over 100 million customers. `The Collective’, which is the company’s lifestyle store, caters to a blend of global fashions together with international trends mingled with innovative customer service in the cities of Bangalore, Delhi Mumbai and Pune.

Great choices, amazing options, various brands, awesome collections, tempting offers, perfect fit and the latest trend, are made available for the benefit of their valuable customers with ease and support. Consumers could make their choice and enjoy the comfort of these fit which are tailor made with the customer in mind for comfortable attire for any given occasion.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashions of the 1960s

 Fashion began to focus on teenagers for the first time in the early 1960’s, and London became the centre of a music and fashion explosion. The young designer Mary Quant created bold, colorful and low priced clothes which were a huge success. She popularized the miniskirt, which reached an unprecedented 8- 9 inches above the knee, and her colorful designs were in perfect tune with the spirit of the time.

                In Paris, Andre Courreges launched his “Space Age“look of 1964 – stark, futuristic, all white outfits were worn with his much imitated white kid boots. Paco Rabanne experimented with clothes made from metal discs and chains. Laurent designed daring see through blouse in 1968. The Beatles popularized Pierre Cardin’s suit if 1963, with its collarless jacket and straight leg trousers. Their psychedelic look parodied military uniforms bright primary colors mixed with dyed garments or Indian tunics and trousers.

 African designs in vivid prints were adopted by musicians like Sly and the Family Stone, and the natural bushy Afro hairstyle became popular. The San Francisco hippie scene at the end of the decade was a fashion blend of the flavor ethnic, historic, psychedelic and even beatnik styles were interchangeable, usually worn with jangling jewellery and long hair. Elsewhere, the decade ended with a soft, ‘romantic’ look, featuring flower print cotton and crushed velvet.

In 1962 Saint Laurent launched his own couture house and designs the pea jacket. The Chanel suit and pill box hat are worn and popularized by the Jackie Kennedy. Hardy Amies begins designing men’s fashion.