Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alien Hunter Claims Curiosity Rover has Spotted A SHARK On Surface of Mars

Shark on Mars

Mars – Probably Covered in Ocean

It is said that Mars was once probably covered in a huge ocean, spanning almost half of the northern hemisphere of the red plant and presently UFO hunter asserts that he has evidence. In the midst of the rocks on the Martian surface, the unfamiliar supporter had spotted what according to him was a huge terrified fish. The image had been captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover and inspite of criticizing the agency for overspending on their fishing trip; he claims that this is one which is worth mounting on the wall.

In the black and white image that had been taken on March 23 from the Right B Navcam, a landscape of Mars is seen riddled with huge rocks. At the bottom of the image, is where UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring stated that he had spotted proof of ancient Martian oceans. Waring revealed in a post with fishing puns, the findings that he implies the rover almost overlooked. He wrote that he guessed this is a story which did not get away since a reel expert can tackle anything and that it was a good thing that he could get an image of it or it would be difficult to believe.
Shark on Mars_1

Latest Claim Surrounding Signs of Life – Petrified Fish

Waring had further added that last year, NASA had announced that there were oceans on Mars and that it did look a lot like Earth in several ways.He presumes that the terrified fish is proof of that and looking closely, one will find the tail fin and the fin ridge which begins at the lower back fin, moving all the way to the fishes stomach. He had coloured the fish making it easier on the eye.

The fish seems to be about half a metre long, about the size of a bass or small salmon. This tends to explain the three various boats that had been located last year. He said that he feels NASA went overboard with their 2 billion dollar fishing equipment in order to catch this one, though it’s insolently worth placing on the wall. This seems to be the latest claim surrounding the signs of life on the red planet.
Shark on Mars_2

Martian Rocks – Oldest Fossil Remains of Ancient Microbial Life

NASA had explained at that time that sometimes NASA tends to feel compelled to react to rock speculation as it did with the well-known `thigh bone’ that was discovered in 2014. Mars probably did not have sufficient oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support complex organism and hence huge fossils are not possible. Some UFO enthusiast may have taken the sighting of the fish, seriously but we know that it could be a coincidental merging of the right rock playing with the shadows.

 But then alien hunters would wonder why anyone would think of claims on the discovery of fossil fish together with other marine life on Mars as unbelievable when even NASA had admitted that the planet once had oceans and Martian rocks would hold some of the oldest fossil remains of ancient microbial life on the planet. Regarding the claims of Mars fossil fish, alien hunter like Waring may ask, `what is more natural than fish where there are oceans?’

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