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Micronations: Talossa

Talossa – Oldest Micro Nation 

Micro nation is referred as a model country or a new country project and is an entity which can be claimed as an independent state or a nation though may not be officially recognized by world governments of the major international organizations. Talossa is one such micro nation which was founded in 1979 by Robert Ben Madison of Milwaukee, a 14 year old. It is considered as one of the oldest micro nations and still in existence. Moreover it is also one of the first to create a web presence which is very famous and has contributed to the appearance of several later internet micro nations due to its internet and media exposure since late 1990. Micro nation claims many places as its territory on the earth particularly a portion of Milwaukee considering it as the Greater Talossan Area, though neither Talossa nor its claims have been officially recognized by the UN or any other nation and the present population of this micro nation is 239. Talossa is an independent, sovereign nation in North America and the Talossan enjoy and cherish their culture. It is a constitutional monarchy which is governed by a democratically elected Government and headed by an apolitical King.

Talossa - `Inside the House’

Talossa is derived from the Finnish world `talossa’, which means `inside the house’, selectedby Robert Ben Madison shortly after his mother’s death since it described the kingdoms’ territorial claim, which was then limited only to his bedroom.

During that time the kingdom occupied Madison’s bedroom who adopted the name `Talossa’ on discovering the meaning of the word `inside the house’, in Finnish language. With the passage of time, Talossa’s territorial claims began expanding from Madison’s childhood bedroom to cover most of the Milwaukee’s East side together with the French island of Cezembre as well as a large part of Antarctica known as Pengopats meaning `Penguin land’ in the Talossan language while other claims were also made though abandoned.

He maintained Talossa all through his adolescence and college years during which time around 40 others joined Talossa, most of whom were from Milwaukee locality including other friends of Madison as well as his acquaintance from Europe.

Constitutional Monarch - 1985

In 1981, the first democratic elections were held and Talossa became a constitutional monarch by 1985. Though Madison retained primary control over the nations, several changes occurred occasionally and to save the monarchy, Madison for the first time in early 1987 renounced it in favour of Robert Dobberpuhl – King Robert II.

However at the next election, anti-monarchists arose resulting in Dobberpuhl’s legislative beheading with the brief redubbing of the nation as `The Peculiar Republic of Talossa’, Months later, the monarchy was restored though Madison at first declined in returning to the throne. Florence Yarney, his high school English teacher, served as Queen of Talossa for nine months, overseeing a time of growth of parliamentary power before renouncing it in Madison’s favour in early 1988.

Talossa’s web page drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of readers in 1996 through several reports published in newspaper like the New York Times and Wired which were in turn republished in various other countries resulting with many more joining Talossa. Madison preferred that a copy of his manuscript history of the nation be purchased and mailed to each citizen which dissuaded several of them

Instrumental in Formation of League of Secessionist State 

Talossa considers itself to be a full nation of the world, not referring itself as a micro nation, though its history as a micro nation is long and distinguished and being instrumental in the formation of the League of Secessionist States, had abandoned the term for its own self-description, years ago because of the fleeting nature of micro nations, hence the contrast to its longevity.

During that time it detached itself from all micro national relations, established in law with its limitations to member nations of the United Nations, the Unrepresented Nations and Peopled Organization with any other nation recognized by the Ziu. The Republic of Taiwan was recognized in the legislation and is presently the only nation in this third category.

Talossa is separated into eight provinces and each territory having its own elected government with a certain amount of degree of freedom in making its own policies. The uninhabited Territory of Pnegopats on the other hand is under the authority of a governor which is appointed by the king and in each province, the Crown appoints a Constable or Cunstaval, preferably a citizen of a different province who tends to act as viceroy and performs royal duties at the provincial level like granting assent to the legislation.

Talossa supports three types of military services where normally, the King is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Should a war arise, the advice of military leaders as well as the Minister of Defence is likely to be followed by the Crown.

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