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Fingers Length Portrays Your Personality

Fingers length
Research shows that a quick study of the hands especially the length of the index and the ring finger tells a lot about a person’s personality along with the risk of disease. The two important fingers are the index finger, the one which is used to pointing to something and the ring finger.

Your finger length can tell or predict how well a person can perform on various tests in school and what kind of a person they turn out to be. Scientist made a comparison on the finger lengths of seventy five children with their Standardized Assessment Test – SAT, scores and found a clear link between the child’s performance in numeracy as well as literacy test along with the relative length of their index and the ring finger.

It is known that boys comparatively perform better in math test while girls did better at reading, writing and verbal tests. Scientists are of the belief that the link is caused due to different levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen in the womb and the effect they have on the length of the finger as well as the development of the brain.

Index and the Ring Fingers – Important for reading

The total length of the fingers is measured according to the size of the palm and on an average, the longest finger is about 7/8th the size of the palm and if the length of the finger is as long as the palm, the fingers are considered to be long while short fingers are shorter than 7/8th of the size of the palm.

 The length and size of an individual’s fingers can give a common personality of the person. Long fingers portray a detail oriented person who think things completely and tend to be critical on small details while short fingers denote a physically oriented big picture people who are focused on the real world in an overall manner.

The index finger is considered very important in palm reading and though the index and ring fingers are compared to each other, if the index finger is even a fraction longer it is considered long. The ring finger on the other hand should be 1/8th or 12 cm longer than the index finger to be considered long and the line drawn between them must be half way up the final joint on the middle finger.

Index Finger – Mirror Finger 

The index finger being the most important finger is also called the mirror finger since it indicates the person’s self image. A long index finger indicates a natural leader who are used to responsibility, having a high standard for themselves as well as others.

They also tend to be drawn to self reflection in all their activities. A short index finger on the other hand indicates a lower self esteemed personality who may tend to hide behind a persona which they create, with trouble in expressing their true feelings and thoughts. Moreover they are also prone to various health issues which may be the outcome of self negligence like unhealthy eating habits or smoking.

The middle finger also known as the `wall’ finger portrays the attitude toward authority and mental abilities while the thumb is used as a measure of willpower as well as self control. Short thumbs have a lower ability to stick to things when they tend to get tough while long thumbs have high levels of self discipline and perseverance.

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