Wednesday, January 15, 2014

History mystery: Hollow Earth Theory – Reality of Mythology?

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The Earth’s core is the most inaccessible area of our planet with various prominent individuals supporting the Hollow Earth Theory and a number of physicists, astronomers, high ranking military personnel and mathematicians who also shared this belief. The Hollow Earth theory indicates that the planet Earth is either, completely hollow or it contains a substantial area of interior space and its existence has been proposed all throughout human history. It has given rise to speculation that the Earth could be completely hollow or have hollow regions inside and this theory became common in some ancient cultures which was evident in ideas like the hell in Christian literature or Sheol in Kabalistic works.

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According to some Buddhists, they believed that the inner Earth was made up of a race of super men and women presuming that they came to the surface through tunnels leading to the inner Earth to see the happenings on the surface and apparently, the entrances to inner Earth in Tibet had lamas guarding them. In the Indian Hindu and Tibetan traditions and text, Shambhala, an ancient kingdom is mentioned with a mythical place located at some place around Inner Asia with many debating whether this is a reality or a mythology. Some others also believed in this theory which included the American John Symmes who thought that the Earth was hollow and that it could be reached through entrances at both the south and north poles. He was of the belief that these holes were thousands of miles wide and was inclined to make an expedition to the North Pole to prove this theory.

Besides him the famous astronomer Edmond Halley also supported this theory and related that there were three shells inside the Earth having an approximate diameter of Venus, mars and mercury with the shells rotating independently of each other and their own magnetic pole, atmosphere, light and the possibility of life. According to him, the surface of the earth was a separate shell around 800 km thick, presuming that the gas which escaped from the inner world was the cause of the aurora borealis. Plenty of debate is on regarding the Hollow Earth theory with one major issue on the presence of gravity where the theory of gravity indicates that the objects come together in a spherical object.

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Moreover the earth’s mass is too large for the planet to be hollow and if the earth was hollow, the gravity on the earth would be quite less. Besides this, the inner Earth would either have very little gravity or no gravity at all. Two flights expeditions conducted by Admiral Byrd over both poles, proved that there seemed some strangeness in the shape of the Earth near the polar areas. He flew to the North Pole and travelled 1,700 miles beyond it only retracing his course to his Arctic base due to shortage of his gasoline supply. As he progressed beyond the Pole point, he encountered iceless land and lakes, mountains covered with tress with monstrous animal which resembled mammoth of antiquity through the under bush, details of which were reported through the radio by the occupants of the plane.

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