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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.XI

Probably India is one of the leading country has the worship of the nature and its power by symbolizing the genital organs of male and female. Tantras, the scared writings of Saktas are (somewhat later than Puranas) are the worshippers of the wives of the Trimurthi, hence they are the real worshippers of the female powers of the nature. This female worship extends to Shiva Sakthi otherwise called as Parvathi, Kali devi, Dhurga, Bhavani and more. This kind of female worship can be found in Puranas and is much described in Tantras.

Tandras have most mystic and magic rituals, it largely consisting vulgar and dissolute practicing methods. The oldest Indian myths say that the sky and the earth are the parents of all the other gods which is similar to same folklore of the Greek Bible by Homer and Hesiod. Prajavathi is another god sometimes equally ranked with the Trimurthi and is believed that he is the creator of all other gods and of the life on earth. Hence Prajavathi is identified as the God of Heaven. In ancient days the Phallus was not adored and promiscuously displayed as of today. The women were not allowed to view the genital part of a male of that period. According to the ancient Vedic stories Urvasi was not allowed to see her husband Pururavas as nude. Similar story could be seen in Amor and Psyche in Greek work.

In ancient days, the eternal feminine that is the attributes of conceiving and producing and of nourishing is mentioned as Goethe. Moses told “The Almighty shall bless thee with blessings ……. of the breasts and of the womb" (Gen. xlix, 25). In Psalm “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house; thy children like olive plants round about the table" (Ps.cxxviii, 3). Similarly the sterility was considered as a curse on Human beings.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.X

With mention to Milton’s paradise lost we can conclude the tree of the knowledge of evil and good and the serpent in the Eden only referred the sexual passion. The feast celebrated as Yom Ashoora on the tenth day of Moharran is the celebration in representation of the first meeting of Eve and Adam after they had driven out of the Eden garden once was their paradise land. The snake has been represented as the symbol of evil from the early historic period. The trepidation of the serpent is common throughout the world since the ancient times. Even devil is worshiped by the ancient people to appease the evil spirit. The Persian goddess Ahriman and Dew are the representation of evil spirits and they are supposed to be the poisonous snakes. In Hinduism the supreme power of creation is of two folded. The right side is the male usually represented by lingam and the left side is the female indicated by the yoni, and is called as Maya Prakriti which is undying and non perishable. In some of the Ardanari- Eshwari the right side is provided with real penis and the left with the valva.

Similar theory can be found in Bible. Philo A Jewish philosopher, who is a contemporary of the Jesus mentioned that Adam was hermaphrodite in nature and god only separated Adam and Eve into two. Further Philo mentioned that the yearning for the reunion of the two halves (Adam and Eve) of the bisexual man with love is the prime basis of the sensual pleasure which is represented as the snake. This is the beginning of all wrongdoing.

According to Augustine, Justin, Gregory of Nyssa, Adam was yield to his obsessive desire for Eve and if he stayed away from the sexual pleasure with her even we might have rebuked god and force god to find out some other harmless way of reproduction without the co operation of the sexes. And the world may fill with the people without romance. We aware that god warned Adam and Eve and told them not to eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and the bad. But the serpent came and tempted Eve and made them to eat.

Philo describes Eve as the representation of the sensual or perceptive side of man and hence serpent easily attacked Eve. Senses only yield pleasure and bind them and obliterate the immortal virtue. Ancient authors called the “Adams apple” musa paradisiaca, a variety of plantain since this fruit resembles as lingam. Some authors believe that may be a citrus fruit lemon. Almost 90% of the people believe Eve gave Adam an apple to eat. This is the great mistake. The name of the fruit that was given by Eve to Adam was no where mentioned in the bible. More over the apple was unknown to the people of Asia Minor which was the supposed location of the Paradise the Eden garden.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.IX

The Kabbalah is a Jewish religious theosophy written in the earliest century of this era. The Kabbalah have certain mysteries which were taught to Adam by God himself in the heaven. They were transmitted to the successive generations orally until they were come to existence to writing. In kabbalah calls the God as Pure Thought or Supreme will or the En Soph. According to the Kabbalah, the Holy Ghost made all the things in the universe as male or female otherwise nothing could endure.

It describes the archetypal man using many mystic references to geometry by assigning the strange numerical values of words and mentioned sex to the right and left. This archetypal man has some special references for example the wisdom was placed in the forehead and hence it was male and the intelligence in the left side of the chest and hence it is female. The father wisdom and the mother intelligence produced a crown. The right arm was for love hence it is male and the justice was in the left arm hence it is female and both together they produce beauty stay in the breasts. The firmness reside on the right thigh hence it is male and the splendor was female and reside on the left thigh they both together produce the sexual organs. According to Kabbalah the marriages are made in heaven and it preaches the greater holiness in monogamous marriages and it says the souls of husband and wife are of two halves of the hermaphrodite spirit wandered without bodies for certain period.

Similar one to Kabbalah is mentioned in the Mormons dogma. Here I wish to state Mormons are not Christian sects. Adam is the primary god where as Christ, Mohammed are the secondary divine characters. They believe that every woman has the duty of giving birth to as many children as possible since all the souls who do not enter into the children during the birth cannot enter into the heaven. They believe that a woman who avoids becoming a mother is a sin and who is doing their duty as a mother and giving birth to many children will be rewarded in the heaven proportionately. Hence Mormonism introduces the polygamy as a religious duty.

The Kabbalah has influence the Christian thinking and has flourished during the Renaissance. That was openly mentioned in the work of the famous and significant things as Pico della Mirandola, Johannes Reuchlin, Cardinal Egidio da Viterbo Arippa etc.

Monday, December 5, 2011

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.VI

In ancient Rome and Hellas, the people erected the image of Pariapus and Pan in the fields (usually pillars with a head or a phallus in the front) for the productivity of crops, flocks and family. In the temples of Pariapus, a figure of Pariapus in a sitting posture with the erected penis kept. The soon-to-be married brides were taken to the temple and the priestess elaborated them about the male genetic organs and its functions and the brides were usually sat on the lap of the nude god in a position such that their vaginas introduced on to the erected penis of the god, thus rupturing their hymens (which is an offering to the deity). Most of the male gods in Egyptian temples carries icas or their sex organs in their hands. Seti is a symbol based on male triangle. The Egyptian pyramids are the oversize seti symbols.

Male deities in Egyptian temples are often indicated by carrying- this pole in their hands, but frequently they held their real organs in their hands. In the ancient art work “welt Gemaelde Gallerie” one can see one copper plate cut of God appearing to Mosses in the burning bush. In that Jehovah is represented as a male triangle.

In India, the Kama Devan the god of love is represented by shooting an arrow made up of lotus bud which is the representation of male organ phallus or lingam and the bow is made up of sugar cane. The God is riding on the dove or sparrow both are the symbolic representation of coition. In ancient Greek, The god of wine Dionysus or Bacchus was worshiped the rituals on his festive days were accompanied by rampant sexual excesses.

 The god Dionysus scepter was a cane surmounted by the figure resembling grape punch or otherwise called thyrsus scepter ( the figure is not clearly represented and it resembles a pine cone also ). This symbol represents the penis erected on the influence of illicit love. This pine cone is the most frequent ornament of the ancient Christian churches. The arrow in the hand of god Eros is the lingam erect under the pressure of lawful love. The cane held by the god Bacchante or Bacchus is the symbol of lingam erect under the excitement of lust. The word erotic came from the name Eros.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

History Mystery: Sex And The Religions Part.V

Before 1896 cyclone, the old steeple of St. Vincent’s church in St. Louis was quite similar to phallic and after the cyclone it was modified. Very practically speaking no part of the pre historic world is without any phallic pillars or towers. The ancient man plainly created god in his own vision and idea as the penis which was named as “ Asher”, “The powerful” and ”The Opener”. The ancient people named the right testicle as Ann or On and the left testicle as Hoa. The right testicle was supposed to be superior since they believed the male offspring produced there and the left testicle was inferior since it produces the female offspring. There are various reasons ascertained by the researchers why right testicle was considered as male. Usually the right testicle is larger than the left and the left testicle hung lower than the right and hence it was considered inferior. According to the Hindu myths entire right part of the Lord Shiva is male and the left female. The same view is available in the  Theories of the Kabbalah, the Greek theories of conception(Note: In Pythagorean numbers right considered  as male and left considered as female  is worth mention here)

In Hebrew the syllable Ben means Son, hence Benaiah mean the son of the God. The name Ben-Oni means the Son of On (son of the right testicle), Benjamin means, The son of the right side. Not only the lingam represented the sacred male genital, the pyramid or upright triangle (or otherwise called sacred male triangle) with its apex upward derived from the shape of the pubic hair of man which is very much naturally different from the pubic hair of woman (the male pubic hair resembles the upright triangle with apex upward, where as the female pubic hair resembles the triangle with apex upward). The Hindus or the Aryans, Early Egyptians symbolized the Trinity with the symbol triangle.

In India the lingam was also symbolized and worshiped in the shape of lotus flower or the lotus bud. The lily is often the symbol of The Father in the Christian church art. It was come from the Pagan origin which transplanted into Christian art. The Madonna and the child with lily symbolical of the holy family and the Assyrian god Ashur having a pine cone in the hand is worth mention. The lingam is also shown as a divine rod or a two forked stick the two forked stick represents the penis with two testicles and the Clover leaf or shamrock also represents the same. The Russian and the Greek orthodox cross is with three  cross bars, that was later the cross of the pope of the Roman church and that was also a religious symbol of Ancient Egypt and on the lids of  Sarcophagi. The Shamrock is the emblem of Trinity in Irish.
In ancient times in India there are many shrines with realistic figures of lingam where the sterile women go on pilgrimage and touch those holy images with their vulvas with the hope to conceive. Some sects in Hinduism believes that a woman who dies as virgin cannot go to the heaven (remember child marriage is predominant in those days and the widow children could not re marriage).  Such girls goes to those temples with scared stone phallus and ruptures their hymen with the belief the angles guarding the gates of heaven  will examine them and they will find that she had done her duty(coition) in earth and allow them to proceed.
                                                                                                                              (to be continued...)