Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Scent Pheromone

Love Scent Pheromone  Part.II

                                A study was conducted among the ladies who were sensitive to the smells. The results were quite amazing the women categorized as unpleasant scents of other people who had the same type of scent as themselves. The conclusion is the social animal human being obviously experience sexual desire and attraction only to the people whose love scent smells differently from their own. This is nothing but a protecting mechanism of nature.  People related by  blood are generally have same love scent pheromones therefore the attraction to the different smell of love scent pheromone  is a strong physiological barrier to incest and is greatly reduce the possibility of harmful genetic defect occur.
                 Do you know? Your nose does a lot more than you aware. One of the notable thing is the nose helps the memory to store your partners love scent pheromone smell in your brain. From the beginning of birth, are guided by smell. Even though the baby appears to focus its gaze on its mother while suckling, obviously it perceives her using the sense of sight, it is the mother’s love scent smell in particular that tells the baby that is suckling milk from her own mother’s breast.
           According to the French scientists, within couple of days of birth, the babies are capable of recognizing their mother from the smell of their perspiration and their nipples. In the womb itself the baby posses the ability to smell the amniotic fluid that surrounds her.  The amniotic fluid has a scent comparable to a mixture of buttermilk, fat, urine and honey. The new born babies were tested with a cloth that has been soaked with amniotic fluid and they immediately turn their face towards the cloth. In the other way around the mother can recognize their infants by their body scent only after a couple of days after birth.

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