Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amazing Facts About Spontaneous Human Combustion

The alleged burning of the human body without any external source of ignition is called the Spontaneous Human Combustion or otherwise simply called as SHC. In other words Spontaneous Human combustion is simply means that complete incineration of the human body.  There are so many speculations and controversies  over SHC. Let us see few of them.

 Let us view the Spontaneous Human Combustion in spiritual terms. Spontaneous Human Combustion trigger when all the seven chakras are open resulting in kundalini activation. As enormous amount of energy is liberated in the process of kundalini activation the human body burnt thoroughly.

 In other words; our body is protected by translucent membrane which shields from the outer magnetic forces when kundalini is activated the bio plasma body is fragmented which results in the rupture of the protective membrane there by large amount of electrical discharge. This electrical discharge makes the internal organs to combust suddenly. In spontaneous human combustion the torso is burnt completely where us the extremities untouched. Since most of the physical bio molecular energy is transmitted through the torso, it is severely affected.

Let us view this in different way, our body template is based upon the scalar wave patterns when your mind is guided appropriately with the help of yoga and meditation we can alter the scalar wave pattern including the DNA template. When kundalini is activated life force energy is activated through the spine which is an electromagnetic current through the bio electric field which results in Spontaneous combustion.

The Hindu religious reformer in the 20th century, Ramalinga Addikalar undergone a physical Ascension without experiencing death.

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