Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Search for the Noah’s Ark

The bible gives o specific geographic location for Ararat, the mountain where the ark rested as the waters subsided. Nevertheless, generations have searched for the mountain in an effort to find the Ark. The Greek version of the Old Testament translates Ararat as Armenia, as do ancient Assyrian versions of the flood narrative.  But the Mount Ararat in the north eastern Turkey has long been revered as the holy site.
 The mountain was first explored in the early 1800s, and over the next 5o odd years several expeditions had returned with “proof” of the Ark. This included sodden timbers of a type that does not grow anywhere on the mountain and that seems to have been cut approximately 4,000 years ago from trees in Mesopotamia (Noah’s Home land). More impressive developments have recently occurred. In 1952, Ararat was reconnoitered from a helicopter, and a photograph was taken of a structure protruding from the ice near the peak.  In 1974, a photograph taken by a satellite revealed a formation a little lower on the mountains northeast side. It was described as “clearly foreign to anything else on the mountain, about the right size and shape to be an ark”. However, to continue with the exaction would mean moving a large about of ice; and so we await conclusive proof of the ark’s whereabouts

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  1. orang kafir pon ade yg x caye walaupun lokasi bahtera nabi nuh tu ade dlm bible dorang .ntah pape .


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