Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caesar and Cleopatra Part.I

Birth Place of  Caesar

Forum of Julius Caesar 60 BC

The untimely deaths of those two great lovers and superstars of antiquity, Caesar and Cleopatra, undoubtedly amplified their celebrity. But the facts of his assassination and her suicide, mythologized by Shakespeare and by countless novels and films, can get lost in the glare of the legend.
To start, neither Caesar nor Cleopatra, Caesar was full faced and balding, while the beauty of the great Egyptian queen, in the worlds of the ancient historian Plutarch,” was by no means flawless or even remarkable, ‘ what each had- and recognized in the other – was a vigorous charm, and a gift for amassing power.  When he met Cleopatra, Gaius Julius Caesar, was in fact, the most powerful min in the world, the ruler of the Roman Empire from 59 to 44 BC. After returning from a victorious military campaign in the East; on Feb. 14, 44 BC Caesar declared himself Dictator Perpetuus, dictator for life. But several senators grew concerned that Caesar’s power would threaten the republican nature of the Roman Government. They were also concerned his developing relationship with Cleopatra, who was then feuding with her siblings for Egypt’s throne. Though she now might be associated with Egypt, Cleopatra was actually considered Greek. Her family, the Ptolemy had ruled Egypt for three centuries and cloaked a largely Greek administrative and legal system with a veneer of Egyptian customs to satisfy the natives.

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