Monday, April 12, 2010

The changes due to earth's slow down process

In my previous post we have discussed that the earth’s rotation is decreased about 0.9 seconds. This may seems to be very insignificant one but it may cause very tremendous changes in the entire course of the earth’s life span. Even it also a main reason behind the recent earth quakes, raise in mountain heights and more other geophysical changes in the earth.

Not only this, the slow down of the earth’s rotation may result in change in the shape of our planet. In other words if there is no change in the rotation of the earth there won’t be no change in the shape of the earth and hence it will remain with out any change, as an obsolete spheroid. If there is any change in the motion of the earth then that will cause a very powerful movement with in the earth crust and result in the change in the shape of the earth. Because of the slowdown of the earth, it's shape will slowly transform in to perfect sphere. This change initiated since from its birth.

This change subsequently makes changes on the earth crust also, the Polar Regions will be raised and the tropical regions will be reduced. It create ridges in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Because of the slow in process, there is a tremendous dynamic pressure with in the earth core, due to the imbalance caused between the gravitation and the rotational inertia. As a result the Volcanic eruptions and earth quakes may occur.

Apart from that the slowdown will make the global winds weaker and the evaporation lesser. And subsequently our planet will move through the different climate.

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  1. i've read this article before.. it's soo scary.. once i watched a movie about rotation of earth gone wild.. north pile truned to south polee.. can our earth become like that??

  2. so does thr rotation of the earth lead to pole flip as we hear abt it so much these days wid 2012 closing in....n yyyyaaaaayyyyyy i am able to comment on ur blog now:)

  3. nice article. its going to get worse I fear.

  4. I was about ask you what Alka has already asked.It does sound so scary.


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