Friday, December 18, 2009

Wonders of animal communication

Wonders of animal communication

Animals may not talk but they can communicate, they constantly pass on wealth of information both of their fellow members as well as to others.  They can let others to know where they are, alert them if food is available or attract their mate even they can warn the others about the presence of predators. Hence a good communication is essential for every animal to survive.

Some animals like monkeys, bears communicate by touch.  It is used to comfort or maintain bond or prove leadership with in their group.  Sea Otters often rub their faces together to maintain social bond and to scent mark.

By secreting chemical called pheromones in their urine or scent glands, animals can recognize other member of their species, mark territory, find prey or locate mates.

Vibration is yet another method of communication. An elephant not only uses its ears but also uses its feet too.  Elephant’s feet’s are so sensitive that they can detect the low rumblings on the ground created by others elephants some thirty kilometers away. They can detect the distance rumblings of water through their feet and will move towards that direction.

 The loudest sound of any land animals is made by the Howler monkey.  It howls to announce its territory and it can be heared up to sixteen kilometers away.

Chimpanzees are most intelligent as human.  They talk to each other through huge range of vocal sound, hand gestures body and facial expressions

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