Friday, September 9, 2016

Four of the Worst Missing Person Cases in History

Maura Murray
Missing person cases fascinate people of all ages. While some people simply wandered off and started a new life without a second thought, others disappeared under mysterious circumstances and left behind concerned and worried loved ones. Television reports and newspapers love talking about those who came home safely, but those reports often forget about those who never came home. You might find some of the worst missing person cases in history a little creepy and even baffling.

Laura Bible and Ashley Freeman

The story of Laura Bible and Ashley Freeman is so interesting that people still talk about it more than a decade after it happened. Laura decided to spend her birthday at her best friend's house. The two teenagers spent the night chatting and having fun before going to bed. A car randomly driving down the road saw a fire at the house and called the authorities. Once the smoke cleared, police found the bodies of Ashley's parents but no evidence of either girl. Though police believe Ashley's brother was a drug dealer and had something to do with their disappearances, police never found any trace of the two teens.

Maura Murray

Maura Murray was just 21 when she went missing back in 2004. Murray made a few odd movements in her last days, including trying to rent a timeshare in New Hampshire, looking at hotels in Vermont and getting directions to Burlington. She then took time off from her nursing studies, took money out of the ATM and purchased a large quantity of alcohol. A New Hampshire resident later came across her car on the side of the road and offered to call a trucking company for help. By the time police arrived, there was no trace of Murray. Though some claimed they saw her in the days after, she is still a missing person.

Jodi Huisentruit 

Jodi Huisentruit was 27 and a television broadcaster in Iowa when she went missing on a warm day in June of 1995. A producer working for the station called Huisentruit when she was late to work, and the woman told the producer that she was on her way and would be there shortly. When she didn't show up for several hours later, the producer called the police. The police found her purse on the scene and its contents spread across the ground. Though neighbors reported hearing some screams that morning, no one ever saw Huisentruit again.

Jacob Wetterling 

Jacob Wetterling disappeared after visiting a convenience store with his brother and friend in 1989. A man came out of the nearby woods, forced the three boys to lay face down and then kidnapped Jacob, who at 11, was the youngest. His parents later created a foundation to assist the loved ones of other missing persons. Police announced in 2015 that they had a person of interest in the case but did not bring charges against him in Jacob's disappearance. These missing person cases are some of the most heartbreaking ones and prove that no one is ever truly safe.

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