Friday, May 13, 2016

A Secret Bedroom was Discovered in the Berlin Subway

Designers: Homify

Home – Bedroom, a Space for Relaxing With Ease

A home is a place where all the members of the family stay together in peace and harmony. The rooms in the home are very important and tend to convey a lot about the members in the household. The bedroom is one of those places providing the much needed space for relaxing at the end of a hectic schedule and great attention needs to be placed on the décor of the room. It should be a place where a member can feel relaxed in the midst of soft furnishings, flooring, and textures together with the furniture. Homify is the one of the best place to get best bedroom design ideas.

We have several service providers offering great taste while decorating a bedroom that can be tailored according to the design creating a serene atmosphere for a restful slumber. While considering the bedroom design, one should have a specific style and associated themes not forgetting the storage space. There are various style categories to suit the needs of individuals which come in the range of Minimalist, Modern, Eclectic, Colonial and much more.

While on the topic of bedroom, a secret bedroom had recently been discovered in an abandoned subway tunnel below the city of Berlin which was no lean-to bedroom. It had been carpeted as well as wall-papered in colour scheme that was very appealing.


Secret Subway Bedroom

The secret subway bedroom had a bed that was decked with clean, luxurious linen and the one living there had theTV set together with a remote control which had been lying on the bed. Besides this the room also had artwork, a hanging light and an armchair. For one to move all these objects across the tracks, deep into the tunnel to change the room into their home would indicate that the subway security had been careless.

No one had been aware of this room down there till a team of supervisors came across these cosy quarters at a time of a recent subway fire inspection. It was not known about the person who had erected this bedroom or who had been using it as their dwelling place. However it had gone viral online. On February, the images of the room in question were made available on online sources which had published the article regarding the secret room.

A Viral Sensation across the Globe

On checking the images one will be astonished on how the bedroom seems to appear. It seems to belong to a posh apartment while in another image where the camera tends to catch the surroundings of the room; one will see the cold cement as well as the steel rails in the subway together with the graffiti. This brings the realization that the room seems out of place with its surroundings.

As per Curbed today, no one is aware where this bedroom has come from and the mystery seems to stir among the Berlin subway passengers. It appeared that when the room had been revealed during inspection one of the inspectors had taken a few images of the room in question and had sent it to the media and the rest is history. The said eerie hidden subway bedroom has now become a viral sensation all across the globe.

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