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Who Shot JFK and RFK


Assassination of President John F. Kennedy – Shocking Incidents of 20th Century

The killing of the U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 seems to be one of the most shocking incidents of the 20th century. Thereafter, the murder of his brother Robert F. Kennedy which was on June 5, 1968 gave rise to added scheme notions. In both the cases, it was considered that a sole gunman had been accused and the death of both remained to be unsolved.

Many have been speculating whether a second gunman was present on the grassy knoll along the motorcade route which JFK had undertaken. Queries have been raised on how a gunman with a small mail-order rifle could attempt to aim the President while his car was on the move and that too from such a distance.

According to a blue ribbon panel which was controlled by Earl Warren, Supreme Court Chief Justice, have arrived at the conclusion that Oswald seemed to be the only assassin, though a Gallup survey six decades thereafter observed that 60% of the Americans disapproved the conclusion. Regarding John F. Kennedy, a witness informed CNN in 2012, that she had heard two guns firing during the shooting in Los Angeles, which the authorities had changed her account of the crime.

Murder Arranged By the Same Group

It is said that the murder of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy had been arranged by the same group. Both had identical objective in mind of not getting involved in the Vietnam War and had to pay for it with their lives. JFK made efforts of avoiding the Vietnam War since he envisaged it as a military predicament which would have utilised American resources, waste American lives as well as eventually hurt his legacy as a president who administered a losing battle.

Robert Kennedy was still recovering from the assassination of hisbrother, where the Vietnam War seemed to be the main issue that had stirred the accomplices. As RFK pursued the Democratic nomination for the 1968 presidency, it needs to be noted that the most of his supporters seemed to be in early mid 20s that included the demographics of the people who were strongly against the Vietnam War. Hence RFK had an intention of retreating fromthe forces of Vietnam for governmental reasons. He was determined in ending the Vietnam War.

RFK – A Threat of Reopening the Case of JFK’s Murder

Robert F. Kennedy was considered as a threat of being capable of reopening the case of his brother’s murder. This caused apprehension to Allan Dulles, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush and David Rockefeller if the situation of reopening the murder case ever took place. RFK had to be prevented, with regards to his pursuit for the Presidency.Robert F. Kennedy who had been murdered 42 years back in the midst of his campaign for the U.S. presidency had been dominated by the death of his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

The authorised justification on the tragic death of Robert F. Kennedy, apparently shot down by a sole gunman as in the case of his brother, had received less attention. An expert in the scientific study of assassinations, Professor James H. Fetzer, had provided a sketch of how we are aware of what had occurred to them and why, where the murder of RFK had been put in section with the intention of preventing a reinvestigation into the death of his brother.

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