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Unique Desert Environment – Botswana Safaris

Botswana Safaris
Botswana itself a desert, is one of Africa’s most favored destinations for safari, with wildlife areas to explore, which is located in the north of the country. Due to this, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Central Kalahari Game Reserve provide a unique desert safari environment and though their arid dry areas are not often visited it forms a startling contrast to the other safari areas further down north. The Okavango Delta Safaris are the main focus for most of the trips for Botswana Safaris, though there are other well known sites namely Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe and Linvanti. All their vast tracts of wilderness in pristine condition are classic viewing areas home of phenomenal concentration to huge herds of game as well as some of Africa’s awesome camps. Roaming is unrestricted between the Kalahari’s plains as well as the waterways of the Okavango and is an appropriate safari holiday for those interested in wildlife.

Botswana’s Safari – Private Reserves

A major part of Botswana’s important safari regions is separated in private reserves resulting in price hike with a level of privacy which accounts for the high ranking of the country on the list of its visitors. Privacy and wilderness are the main attraction with a Botswana safari since most of the lodges can accommodate around 8 to 20 guest and if one opts for a camp, one may find few tourist but plenty of game. An addition to the flavor of excitement is the arrival by light aircraft at the lodge for the safari, which is beyond compare. There is lots of excitement in store for the tourist in these private reserves where most of the camps offer game drives during the day and at night, walking, fishing, boating with Botswana’s Okavango trademark – mokoro activity which is awesome. Driving at night in these parks is forbidden with strict parking rules to be maintained since conducting walking safaris or driving off road could cause annoyance especially when an interesting game is spotted away from the track.

Professional Safari Guides with Open 4WD safari Vehicles. 

All of Botswana’ safari camps are equipped with professional safari guides with open 4WD safari vehicles which are of comfort nature. The chalets as well as the tents have en-suite flush toilets with hot and cold showers with most of them having fans and air conditioning.

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