Friday, October 29, 2010

Breast Pots of Early civilization

      Do you know, what is breast pot?   Though it is mystery it is really interesting to know. Continue to know more about it. Breast pots are the vessels used by prehistoric people. This is nothing but a ceremonial vessel used by the people in that ancient time. The nurturing sign of the breasts is connected with the life giving power of water. From northern Asia from China to Siberia the breast tripods were the ceremonial chalice. The breast pots are nothing but a vessel in the shape of a breast. They were engraved with spirals, dots and lines and some were painted with curling flame like patterns. A clay tripod from Aginskoye of TransBaikal Siberia bears narrow incision of parallel lines on the breast. Whereas breast pots of Yangshao period of China were painted with spirals and lines and they were of Bronze Age Li tripods. During the Shang dynasty a wide variety of unadorned breast tripods made up of clay was abundantly produced.  In Mongolia the tripods were beautifully painted in orange with curling flame like patterns.  

             Even the breast pots were found in Mexican plateau of American Colombia. Colombian breast pots were decorated with pecked dots and lines ending with tiny spirals they also have a thin dot impressed band as that of Chinese. The breast tripods found in Guatemala was glazed and stands on more than three breasts.  The breast pots available in Central America were of wide varieties. The lower Mississippi regions were of rounded breasts standing on foot and some were of narrow necks for pouring easily.  The breast pots found in Romania were of three thousand years old. They are remarkably similar in shape and of tender modeling of breasts. The pots from Ukraine have four large sized breasts incise with spirals curved towards the nipples. The pots from Peru are of rounded breasts cover the entire surface of the pot.

         Interestingly the African breast pots were created of unique styles. Some vessels stands on multiple breasts connected to the Tjet symbol (Tjet symbol is scared to Isis). The Matakam of Cameroon created pots with two round breast bulbs with clay studs. The ritual breast pot of Yoruba is of a adult human suckling the breast represents the goddess of the Ogun river.


 The ancient breast pots symbolize the scared meaning of the breast signs as a broad metaphor for life giving energy. Applying words to these archeological remains contextualize them and giving them shape meaning and history. Isn’t it?


  1. OMG ! is there any design that they can use it except this????

  2. Yes Mother pot also there, some mother pots used for burying death and some used for some other religious purpose also. I will try write about that also soon.

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