Sunday, June 6, 2010

HARAPPA, A Dravidian civilization Part.VI

By 1600BC the great cities of the Indus valley had been abandoned. Quite why the people left is uncertain. Perhaps repeated flooding or shifts in the river beds destroyed the harvests and wrecked the once buoyant economy. The gradual drying up of the great Saraswati River caused a serious decline in agricultural productivity. There is also evidence of malaria and probably cholera, which must have taken their toll. The arts of city life, such as writing, disappeared. Although some regions continued to prosper, notably Gujarat in the south west, many areas saw a decline in their population.
Eventually, indo-Europeans from central Asia invaded the valley and settled among the existing population. Many farmers and pastoralists moved into adjacent regions in the south and east, and, slowly, sand silt buried the ruins of the cities. But the Indus culture did not die.
Although the Indo Aryan languages of the new settlers from the west eventually prevailed, the indigenous Dravidian languages had a strong influence on their vocabulary grammar and pronunciation. The Hindu religion that crystallized in the 1st millennium BC combined elements introduced by the Indo Aryans with the earlier beliefs of the inhabitants of Indus Valley settlements such as Harappa. Today, many features of modern Indian life have their roots in the Indus civilization- the first great flowering of culture in the subcontinent.


  1. Although a nice informative blog, I seem to disagree on linking Harappa with dravids, and its time frame. Pl. remember that carbon dating system is still not authentic to ascertain any time in history. More research is needed on Harappan excavations.

  2. Dear Mr Bansal, The seals excavated at Harrapa reveals the mother goddess worshiped by the Dravidian was worshiped by the Harappans also. there are so many other evidences are there to prove the fact.
    Thanks for your views.
    With warm regards.

  3. Dear Mr Bansal
    The Dravidians, particularly tamilians are the indigenous and native people of Indian sub continent. Indus civilization belongs to tamils. The scripts of Indus are the proto tamil scripts which was proved by Mr Iravatham Mahadeven . The brahui language of balugistan is a Dravidian language it has lot of identity with tamil. The Non native invaders,exotics are not will to accept this truth, any way whether who accepts this or not TRUTH IS A TRUTH


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