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Why Switched to Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water?

Purified Water – Rapid Loss of Electrolytes/Minerals 

Most of the water consumed whether it comes from tap water, bottled water, distilled water or reverse Osmosis water,has contents of acid pH which could cause acid in our body. The water intake has a positive Oxidation Reduction Potential -ORP and hence most of the members in a household tend to suffer from various health issues like acidity, headaches, constipation, fatigue, arthritis, immune dysfunction, cancer, hangovers as well as premature aging.

Some consider purified water is beneficial only when the person intends cleansing or detoxifying the system for some time. Cooking food in purified water could eliminate the minerals from it and lessen the nutrient value. Purified water tends to be an active absorbent and when it comes in contact with the air, it tends to absorb the carbon dioxide thus making it acidic.

 Fast purified water could pose as a problem due to the rapid loss of electrolytes and minerals resulting in deficiencies, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats and the more consumption of purified water, more acidic contents get into the system which affects the overall health of the person.

Dr. Otto H Warburg is of the opinion that the main cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency that creates an acidic stage in the body and has found that the cancer cells are anaerobic and does not survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen which is found in an alkaline state

Reputed/Advanced/Stylish/Affordable Water Ionizer 

Service provider in the form of Hydro-Jal Plus is one of India’s most reputed, advanced, stylish and affordable water ionizer, with high quality ionizer that is efficient, fully featured and powerful where the conversion of regular water is turned into the healthiest alkaline water wherein consumers could consume healthy alkaline water without any doubt.

It provides the most prefect ionized alkaline water with India’s most advance ionization technology. It is an automatic alkaline water ionizer that tends to turn harmful acidic water to beneficial alkaline water by increasing the pH value through the process of ionization. Consumers could change their water thereby bringing about a change in their health by requesting a demo at their desired location for a better and improved health conditions. Some of the benefits of this amazing choice are:

  • An alkaline atmosphere could nurture healthy blood cells and thereby increase the overall immunity
  • It enters the body at a cellular level and hydrates the body better
  • Ionized alkaline water re-establishes alkalinity and flushes out the acidity toxin present in the body
  • With high level of oxygen it has the capabilities of delivering nutrients to the various body cells efficiently thereby keeping a person more energized the whole day.
  • Helps in the prevention of diseases like asthma, allergies, arthritis, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems osteoporosis, skin disorder and acid reflux.
  • Slows down the aging process like wrinkles and saggy skin with more years of youthful and radiant looks
  • It is economical and budget friendly combined with a good health and wellness
  • Prevention of bloating of the stomach after meals
  • Consumption of ionized alkaline water is an effective way in gaining fast recovery time and instant energy after heavy workouts


Mimuzuka – Memorial Constructed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi 

Mimuzuka is the memorial;ToyotomiHideyoshi had constructed to hold the ears and noses of some of the 38,000 Koreans who had been slain during the 7th year war fought between the Korean and the Japanese.

It literally means Hill of Ears or Ear Mound. The reason for the memorial which was dedicated in 1597 is not known and some say Hideyoshi wanted to honour the Korean soldiers who were slain while others say that he meant it as a warning for Japan’s enemies not to resist conquest.

According to tradition, Japanese warriors had to return with the heads of their slain enemies though the distances involved between the two made this unreasonable and hence they cut off their ears and noses as a confirmation of their deeds to receive rewards.

Their facial parts were placed in barrels of brine and returned to the Imperial capital and due to several barrels which were discarded; it will never be clear how many Koreans perished in Hideyoshi’s invasions. Some historians have made an estimate between 40,000 and a million on the Korean alone.

Ultimately Hideyoshi’s war seemed meaningless and Korea was abandoned after his death. Towards 1970, the Korean government called for the levelling off the mound which according to them meant nothing more than Japanese cruelty and brutality.

Mound Topped with Sanskrit Inscribed Stone Stupa

The mound was topped with a Sanskrit inscribed stone stupa and is next to a nondescript playground on a street leading to the tori gate of the shrine where the mound and the shrine form ironic neighbours for the man who was the cause of the death of thousands of Koreans and the Buddhist burial site which was dedicated to them and the Toyotomi Hideyoshi is enshrined at this place.

Mimizuka’s original name was Hanazuka or Nose Mound since this was the limit which denoted a dead Korean whether he was a soldier or a hapless non-combatant. According to Tadashi Takahashi of the Nippon Christian Academy Kansai Seminar House states `the reason that the grave was called `ear grave’, though there were more noses than ears is the good proof of Japanese government’s cunning strategy since the image of cutting off one’s nose was much more cruel or inhuman than the image of cutting off ears’.

He further claimed that the Japanese Government tried to portray Mimi-zuka, in the early 20th century, as a symbol of Hideyoshi’s mercy for mourning the souls for the Koreans though he dismissed this as government propaganda to create Hideyoshi as a merciful hero.

Mound to Stay in Japan 

As per the New York Times article, some Japanese debated that Koreans and Chinese greatly exaggerated the scale of the suffering and in any case atrocities were simply an unfortunate part of any war. At one point of time, there was a plaque in front of the ear mound which read `One cannot say that cutting off ears or noses were so atrocious by the standard of the time’.The article further explains that the Koreans had different views on what had to be done with the mound.

While some of the officials of Park Chung Hee, the dictator of South Korea in the 1970s, urged that the Ear Mound be levelled since it was shameful for Korean, there were others who suggested that the mound be relocated to Korea to soothe the spirits of the dead. Most of them were of the opinion that the mound should stay in Japan as a reminder of past savagery and Japan has been treating the Ear Mound as a national landmark and were unwilling to return it.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hobo – A System of Symbols or Codes

To manage with the difficulty of hobo life, a system of symbols or code was developed by hobos who would write these codes with coal or chalk in order to provide directions, information and warning to the other hobos.

Hobo is used interchangeably with `bum’ or `drifter’, though hobos was a type of homeless traveller. Hobo used to travel around for the purpose of work and in every new place they visited; they were forced to leave home for the purpose of jobs. Bums usually avoided work and preferred drinking heavily while `tramps’ only worked when the need arose.

Due to their willingness to work on jobs which were rejected by others, they followed a strict moral code where they were tolerated by some and life as a hobo was dangerous and difficult. In order to help each other they developed their own secret language to direct the other hobos and help them in finding food, water or work.

The Hobo Code thus added a small element of safety whenever they travelled to a new place. They played an important role in the history of America which was often overlooked. They comprises of a group of nomadic workers who moved in the country from early 20th century, through the Great Depression and took their work wherever they travelled, never staying too long at any particular place.

Leaving Notes Behind for Other Hobos

In their travels, hobos learned to leave behind notes for each other, providing information on some of the best places to camp or locate a meal or even on dangers of what lies ahead. The unique Hobo Code became known to the brotherhood of freight train riders and then used by all to keep the community of travelling workers safe, well fed and in work.

The pictographic Hobo Code is an amazing system of symbols which is understood among the hobo community. Since they were not welcomed, they were often illiterate and the messages left behind for them had to be easy for them to understand though they looked like random markings to others with an element of secrecy.

The features of the code had certain elements which appear in more than one simple symbol like the circles and arrows which made up for the directional symbols while hash marks or crossed line meant danger of some kind.

Cryptic & Difficult

Most of the hoboglyphs seems to be cryptic and difficult for people other than the hobo community to understand even if it was spotted. Diverse symbols in the Hobo code were found scrawled in chalk or coal all over the country near rail yards or in places where hobos were likely to meet and the purpose was to reach out to them and their community.

They helped the hobos against authorities whenever they would crack down on vagrants and save them from any trouble. In due course of time the hobo subculture declined, the reason being that the community were intricately connected with the American railway. It was very difficult to hop on and off on a freight train unnoticed than it was many years ago and hence rail-loving hobos steadily reduced in number.

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Linear Motion Systems

Linear Motion Systems in Schools

The linear motion systems (LMS) are designed for various applications that include the handling of materials technology, as well as the performance of various light tasks in schools. The LMS is composed of various drive configurations, as well as the various control systems used in different equipments in schools. In this paper, the use of linear motion systems to enhance the automation of classes and in addressing the issues that hinder learning outcomes.


The linear motion systems (see also http://www.progressiveautomations.com/table-lifts) are equipped with various drive variants that can be used in running projectors, opening and closing of doors, regulating the lighting and temperatures, among other features. The LMS are also ready to mount, and they are supplied with the controller and motor combinations. They are critical in performing tasks such as adjusting the position of the projector, opening and closing of windows in response to the external environmental conditions.


Linear motion 

The mechanical systems in LMS are combined to form more complex systems that play an essential role in automating schools. For instance, a camera that is used in turning on a camera can be fixed with a micro switch that can be used in turning on and off the lights.

In conclusion, linear motion systems can be used in schools to facilitate the automation of classes and other facilities in schools. This is attained by combining two or mechanical linear systems to form a complex system. This complex system can be used in performing multiple tasks such as switching on the projectors and cameras and regulating the lighting systems from a single control centre.


Extraterrestrial life – Exobiology/Astrobiology

Extraterrestrial life is known as exobiology or astrobiology though astrobiology also considers Earth-based life in its astronomical context. It is life which does not originate from Earth and is also known as alien life.

As hypothetical type of life that ranges from simple bacteria like organism to far more complex being than human and the possibility of the existence of viruses that may exist extraterrestrially has also been anticipated.

Several scientists consider extraterrestrial life reasonable though there is no evidence of its existence and from mid-20th century there has been continuous search for signs of extraterrestraial life from radios that have been used to identify possible extraterrestrial signs, to telescope for potential habitable extra solar planets.

Scientists David Brin, Elon Musk, Frank Drake, Geoffrey Marcy and Seth Shostak, on February 13, 2015, at a convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, discussed Active SETI and if transmitting message to possible intelligent extraterrestrial in to Cosmos, was a good notion.

One result seemed to be a statement signed by several that a `worldwide scientific, political as well as humanitarian discussion could take place before a message was sent.

Alien Life – Microorganisms Exist in Solar System 

It is considered that alien life like microorganisms has been assumed to exist in solar system as well as in the universe and this assumption depends on the vast size as well as consistent physical laws of the observable universe. According to scientists Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, it could be unlikely for life to be unable to exist anywhere else rather than Earth and this debate is personified in the Copernican principle stating that the Earth does not inhabit a unique place in the Universe and the Mediocrity principle suggesting that there is nothing unique about life on Earth.

Life could have occurred independently at several places all over the universe or alternatively it could have formed less seldom and spread by meteoroids, asteroids as well as other small bodies in the solar system between habitable planets, the process of which is known as panspermia. Some of the bodies in the solar system are considered to have the potential for an environment which could have extraterrestrial life especially those with a possibility of subsurface oceans.

extremophile microorganism
Image Credit:Bio-Pro.de
Lack of Habitable Environments – Extremophile Microorganisms

However due to lack of habitable environments further than the Earth if life is discovered elsewhere in the solar system, astrobiologists recommend that it could be more likely in the form of extremophile microorganisms. Some are of the opinion that planets Mars and Venus together with several natural satellites which circle Jupiter and Saturn as well as comets could possess slot environments where probably life could exist.

 A subsurface marine environment on Jupiter’s moon, Europa could be the ideal habitat in the solar system beyond the Earth for multicellular organisms. Panspermia recommends that life somewhere in the solar system could have some common origin and if extraterrestrial life could be found on elsewhere in the solar system, it could have been created from Earth like life on Earth could have been seeded from exogenesis.

Living Interplanetary Flight Experiments which was developed by the Planetary Society that was launched in 2011 was intended to test some aspects of these hypotheses though it was destroyed together with the carrier Fobos-Grunt mission.