Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Plans for World First Floating City unveiled

Floating City
The time has come to unveil the first floating city in the world that is all set to appear on the off shore of the island of Tahiti in Pacific Ocean.

In a deal between the government of French Polynesia and SeaSteading Institute the construction work has been finalized. The plan is backed by the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel and is all set to go under construction in 2 years. Although it looks like a bit ambitious and a much larger project but the planning has been going on since 5 years now for a permanent and innovative community floating at sea.

The Seasteading Institute that is based in California is of the view that building up the first floating city is the first step towards making the eight great moral imperatives. The experiments are done on the floating landscapes and new ideas are being tested on the issues like feeding hungry, curing the sick and even maintaining a clean and green atmosphere.

The government has marked an approval on the project based on the proving of the two facts i.e.

  • The project will benefit the local economy 
  • The project is proven to be environmental friendly
The project needs additional approval by the local government and France which is the owner of the territory. The SeaSteading institute executive director Randolph Hencken says that the Institute is trying to bring in societal choice along with trying building up things that hasn’t been tried before. They don’t want to go building the city from the scratch and chosen shelter waters to make the most of it. Draft of the plan and legislation is planned to be drawn next year along with the project construction that shall start in 2019.

The floating city island is said to be built on a network of 11 rectangular five sided platforms of about 50 x 50 metres to arrange the city style according to the resident’s needs. With three storied buildings to be made in the form of apartments, the floating city is said to include aquaculture farms, medical research facilities, energy powerhouses, and healthcare systems. The first lot of people residing in the floating city will be limited to about 250 to 300 people.

The floating city although planned to be autonomous is said to have brief connection with nations and have the political independence too. The dream that was started with prospects of using the International shelter for building city was preferred to be made off the coast to facilitate the residents to go on shore and acquire shelter in times of need if the situation be.

It is also believed that building an autonomous sea stead floating city will give the people ample vision to grow and bring a change in the social, environmental and political events that influence them. They will be more open towards innovation, technology, choice of government and sustainable growth. Predicted to cost around $15 million for each platform which is around the same cost as that of a land in London or New York, the overall cost of the floating city is estimated to be $167 million.

The project is said to change the course of living, vision and the way of the fundamental level of the government.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

King Solomon’s Mines, Latest Findings

King Solomon’s Mines
In Israel Archaeologists have unveiled a Jewish State which seems to be ancient in its origin. Tel Avis’s University’s researchers have discovered the reminiscence of a well carved out, fortified military Valley in Timna which is in the southern part of Israel. These sites have been associated with the mines of a legend, called King Solomon since long time. The technique involved in terms of its Dating reveals its structure, and the smelting camps of copper seems to provide protection and researches say that it must have about 3000 years old. All this evidences adds much resources to the stories regarding King Solomon and King David.

In the Old Testament we do not get any detailed description about the mines of King Solomon. But references regarding the military conflicts that took place in the Arava Valley between Israel and Edomites is present. As per the Bible, it is believed that David travelled several miles away from the periphery of Jerusalem and then engaged himself in conflicts with the military in the desert region and alone managed to win victory over 18,000 Endomites in the Valley of Salt.

We have found differences regarding their measures of defense, that have turned out to be really progressive and fortified. We can make out how hard it would have been to carve out an effective defensive measure that too in such a remote valley. But, King Solomon had entirely been evaded in the same manner just like his treasures. There isn’t any deliberate prove of the presence of King Solomon as per the archaeologists. As they didn’t find any sort of seal or an inscription projecting his name that will second his existence.

But, evidence in favor of the Timna Valley throws light on several stuffs. The Valley which is very hot, and is a wasteland have turned out to be really very informative for the archaeologists. As in between the dirt and sand, they managed to find out many pieces of clothes, rope and food that seemed to have preserved since ages. They have also discovered that an Egyptian temple of 13th Century BC.

The archaeologists also found evidences of a society with very important developments in terms of several organizations and power structure. The only disadvantage that the archaeologists suggested was that the people in King Solomon’s reign lived in tents, so much evidences could not be found. But, if they had lived in proper houses or have been dealt in terms of industry instead of only being engaged with mining and smelting, then the facts could have been easily available by excavating.

One of a very respected archaeologist from US have projected that during his excavation he discovered vast works of copper which suggests the place’s valediction of being called King Solomon’s mines. Thus he proved the existence of the mines of King Solomon, which was a major discovery that helped several other archaeologists and historians who came later and based their excavations depending upon this valuable discovery of King Solomon’s Mines.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jallikattu, Untold Stories behind this Tamil Tradition

Bull Chasing, Jallikattu, Manchu viratu also known as Bull taming is thousands of years old tradition of Tamilnadu. During the Harvest festival, Pongal, this tradition is carried out in most of the villages. During this the untamed bulls are brought before the crowd and the youths in the village have to tame them.

The tamed bulls are considered weak and therefore they will be sent for the agricultural and other domestic activities, the untamed bulls are considered as sacred and called us temple bull (stud bull). The temple bulls are considered head of the village cattles and are purely used for breeding.

Jalliikattu is an age old tradition of Tamil culture and it was used as a platform to show the courage of the ancient Tamil youth and to find the best bull for breeding purpose.


How Old Is Jallikattu

There are a number of historical evidences around Tamilnadu clearly giving us how old this tradition is!
The paintings on a massive rock surface at Karikkiyur of 3500 years old depicts a bull and men chasing it, the bull in the painting have a huge hump and with long and straight horns.

Another painting near Madurai depicts a man trying to control a bull.

In ancient days during the harvest festival people let their bulls on the highway or the public places. They were decorated and the village youths would try to chase them or out running them.

The others those who didn’t take part in it would watch the fun standing in the sidelines encourage their youths .

The painting on the rock surface and the bull seal got from the Harappa site (which is the Dravidian civilization) depicts the same breed of bull, showing that this custom was not limited to the southern part of India alone.

Those majestic bulls are called Zebu bulls; These Zebu bulls have the wide curving horns, fatty hump on their shoulders and heavy dewlap.

And those zebu bulls symbolize the leader of the herd (KovilKalai) whose strength and virility protects the herd and ensures the procreation of the species.

Those bulls were considered to be adapted to the harsh environment, the adaptation include resistance to the disease and tolerance for the tropical climate such as intense heat and humidity.

Archeological evidences like pottery and rock cuts suggests that the species were present in Egypt around 2000 BC hence we can conclude that they were brought from Tamil Nadu else those east Asian countries which were controlled and dominated by the Tamil rulers of that time.

The native cow breeds of India represent the largest potential source of good A2 type BCM7 fee milk. After the awareness created to the farmers; the cross breeding polices that were followed for the last few decades are being reviewed in the light of A1- A2 milk hypothesis.

And the US experts have already begun the clinical tests to modify genetically their Holstein Friesian breeds in to A2 milk producing breed, by replacing amino acid Histidinewith Proline at the 67thposition of DNA.
The cow breeds of Indian subcontinent represent the world’s largest A2 milk producing herd. Traditionally Indians have been risingon A2 milk for thousands of years. The Rig Veda refers Cow 723 times, Yajur Veda 87 times, Sama Veda 170 times and 331 times the Atharvanavedha.

This bull sport has recently been banned in the name of animal cruelty, however a simple study shows that the main purpose of Jallikattu was and is to identify the untamable bull which can be used to breed the cows of the village.

There are lots of controversies and shadow political reasons behind this ban and are being brought under microscope by student protestors of Tamilnadu.

Stud bulls or Kovil kalai are reared by people for jallikattu. The ones that win in jallikattu are much in demand for servicing the cows. Since every one cannot afford to keep stud bulls, so each village has a common temple bull which services the cows of the village.

Jallikattu is the show where those bulls are brought and exhibited. The Stud bull which is most agile (and virile) is preferred by farmers. The calves from such bulls will be healthy. Some hundred years ago there were 130 varieties of cattle breeds were available in India but unfortunately only around 35 breeds are available.

Unless we engage with the livestock keepers we will lose all of them and the commercial cattle breeds will occupy their place silently. Our Tamil literature mentions cattle as the wealth of the farmers. These traditional breeds evolved over millennium and adopting our environment and help the farmers in ploughing , transporting and source of manure. If Jallikattu is banned the farmers will forced to abandon the raising of native livestock which was already threatened due to extensive us of mechanized equipments like motor pumps, tractors and others.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Planet Nine could be a 'Rogue World' Captured from another Solar System

ninth planet
Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)
What is there in the space? Is there really any evidence of solar system and its eight planets, as suggested by Science Text books? The world out there has always remained mysterious for us and we have believed everything what we were told by our teachers and text books. We know that many researches have been carried off till date by some renowned Astronauts but the most recent discovery involves the unveiling of the mystery behind the ninth planet of the solar system. Contemporary researches have heralded the ninth planet as a ‘fake planet’. The researches at New Mexico State University have concluded that it is no less than a rogue planet that was once counted as a part of our solar system.

It is an accepted fact that the ninth planet is no way a planet as it does not comprise of the qualities of a planet. Further researches have confirmed that this unidentified object is disturbing the orbits of icy objects. Facts also claim that the reason behind why the entire solar system is tilted is because of this rogue object.

The Scientists and Astronomers believes that the number of bodies and its orbits present there in the space as parts of solar system have been disturbed by the pull of this unidentified object. The Scientists have claimed that the Ninth Planet is approximately four times the size of our planet Earth and ten times its mass. From this we can understand that the force this unidentified planet can put in will definitely be able to disrupt the number of orbits.

This Planet Nine is said to have been relying on the gravitational pull it projects on the other objects. The Astronomers are worried that if this scenario persists then the doomsday for the Earth is very near.

Vesper and his mentor Paul Mason who is a professor of math and physical science ventured out for several encounters between our solar system and the rogue planet and have discovered that there are several planets or unidentified objects on the space and the ninth planet is also one of them. He said that these kind of rogue planets are abundant in number in the Galaxy. They have been suggested to even outnumber the stars that too by a huge difference and may also be a part of the dark matter in the galaxy as a resultant of circumbinary formation of planet. It has been concluded that if the number of such unidentified objects is so far reaching then the presence of this fake planet is acceptable.

However, there have been more than 40 encounters, but the rogue would finally come to an end after being captured by the solar system. Thus, the presence of this unidentified object in the Galaxy has turn out to be the matter of research for several Scientists and Astronomers which in near future will lead to an imperative discovery that will add a new dimension to that imaginative world and its objects.

Radio Signals Traced to Galaxy Billions of Light Years Away

radio signals form galaxy
The search for the extra territorial life isn’t new and it has been theme of a number of science fiction literature. The common theme showcased in discovering the life in space is to send or receive radio signals back from life far away in the galaxy. Over the years of extensive research astronomers are confident enough to pinpoint a number of fast radio signals burst which in coming from the deep space. Radio signals happens to be the best or most sophisticated way of sending information about our planet and to get relatively quick response if it is intercepted from someone lurking in the space. Now scientists and astronomers are confirming that they had received some radio signals from the planets billion light years away from Earth.

The signals from deeper space

The radio signal bursts emerged from the space is extremely short lived which blasts nothing more than a millisecond. This makes it extremely difficult to track and process even given the current scientific and technologies tools but scientists of hopeful of making progress in near future. Scientists are making use of Very Large Array present in New Mexico which is specifically a multi-antenna telescope. This telescope will help in determining the precise location of the radio signal flash.

This group of scientists originated from the McGill University in Montreal and Cornell University in New York. They had already published the finding in the reputed science journal called Nature. They had also presented the very same finding at the annual conference of American Astronomical Society in Texas which left everyone spellbound with the success made by the team. The approximate location of the emerging radio signal bursts has been named as FRB 121102 by the scientists.

On the path to success

FRB 121102 is being studied over six months by the scientists and it has helped in pinpointing its exact position in the galaxy. One of the scientists associated with this research at Cornell University named Dr. Shami Chatterjee has stated that the radio flashes coming from this location is emitting huge amount of energy which is visible even from 3 billion light years, though the reason behind these bursts is mystery for the scientists to unravel.

It has been speculated by the scientists that the burst is a result of jets of matters shooting out of a black hole. Such instances has been seen in the past where an exploding backhole can appear like shiny object in the galaxy with the ability to been billions of light years away. While some scientists believe it to a magnetar closed surrounded with wide amount of debris from a stellar explosion. Since 2007about 18 FRB has been discovered by the astronomers and scientists. FRB 121102 is unique as it is continuously showing bright bursts along with weaker radio emissions coming from its region. If their finding brings some more details regarding the burst of radio signals then they will move further towards uncovering the presence of life in the space.