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Saturn Theory Else Saturn Configuration

Saturn Theory – Saturn Model/Saturn Myth/Saturn Configuration

 Saturn Configuration
The Saturn theory, also known as Saturn Model, Saturn Myth as well as Saturn Configuration, besides presenting a comprehensive example of ancient myth also offers different approach to understand the recent history of the solar system.

 The theory indicates that the neighbouring planets had settled only recently into their present orbits where the earth had previously been involved in a planetary configuration of different sorts along with Saturn, Venus and Mars.

Saturn Theory
It is an idea which is based on comparative mythology that the Earth had been in close proximity or even a satellite of the planet Saturn that seemed like a sun, though this idea met up with several criticisms on political as well as mythological grounds.

Several researchers suggested that according to mythology, Saturn could at times be referred to as a night sun and could have gone through a nova like phase.

It is claimed that Immanuel Velikovsky who theorizedthe solar system’s configuration found it different in human history that was recorded into various myths though he was not the first one to come up with these theories but just the first to make a start.

Ancient Worship – Saturn, Lord of the Sky

Polar Configuration
With regards to the solar system, it is certain that it did not look the same always and it became an indisputable fact.

 The planets Mars and Earth have similar axial tilt to Saturn and Neptune and the Greeks seemed to be aware of the Saturn’s rings though the telescope was not invented for centuries, Saturn was emphasized as being the lord of the sky in ancient worship even though Saturn was a slow moving pin point of light which was of less impressive nature when compared to Venus and Jupiter.

The words Sol and Helios were used to refer to Saturn. Saturn is a winged disc and there isvarious winged disc imagery, like the sun boat arch which looks more like a crescent one would see on a planet, moon phase.

The Nebra sky disk has additional ark which seem like Saturn’s rings. There are several myths related to celestial catastrophe like a rainbow which is seen in the sky after the rain.

Morning/Evening Star Myths

Saturn Theory
Besides, the morning star and the evening star myths were the two suns and not two phases of the planet Venus and the Sumerians related them to Enlil and Ea and when they went down they were referred to a big, though dim lighted star called Nibiru.

Saturn theorist thought there was a polar configuration because the sun was described as rising and setting in the same place and the Sumerian made it sound like a big star that crossed the sky.

Evening Star

It is also believed according to the ancients that Saturn ruled the sky at some point of time in the distant past.

There are also other stories like, Christmas is the remnant of the ancient Saturnalia festivals and one can find evidence that Helios and Kronos are one and the same and that Helios or sun was the name that was given to Saturn in the past.

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