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Aether vibrations

Aether – Zero Energy Field

Aether vibrations
In recent times, there seems to be various theorists providing us with several alternative physics theories in order to view matter, energy and the nature of the universe and consciousness. New theories have been making attempts to bring together many of the inconsistencies; current theories are difficult to explain.

A common denominator of the new theories is the postulate on the existence of Aether which is also known as Zero Energy Field, Akashic Field, Source Field and several other names and the universe we live in is built on unified unseen foundation of conscious energy - `zero point energy or `aether’.

Till the 20th century, Western scientific tradition considered that this energy force did exist though the existence of this aether was proven by the Michaelson-Morley (M-M) experiment to be false and most of the scientists believed it to be true. Various reasons seem to indicate that the M-M experiment seems flawed with many researches mentioned, have detailed explanations on how it had been interpreted.

Nature had Four Elements & Aether

Aether vibrations
Aether science is the remaining model of the universe which fits with the evidence that is available now. Current theories like Sequential Physics, Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics, Sub-quantum Kinetics, General System Theory, Harmonic Universe Theory, Reciprocal System Theory, working with these concepts and any number of Unified Field Theories agree that physical reality comes from these hidden energy substance creating all we see and know through vibration.

Greeks scientists and philosophers were of the belief that nature had four elements namely earth, fire, water and air and the atoms were believed to be the main blocks of these elements of the universe. It was Aristotle who had added the fifth element aether and presumed that planets and the stars were made of this aether.

Consciousness Relates to Aether Vibration 

Aether vibrations
In 350 BC, Plato, the Greek philosopher described the five elements, indicating that matter was created from the five Platonic solids which he had described in his book `Timaeus’ where he equated the tetrahedron with the fire element, the cube with the earth, water with icosahedron, air with octahedron and the aether with dodecahedron, the material of the stars and planets.

With this we get to know that that there are a large number of elements in nature than what was known in Greek antiquity though it is a known fact that Platonic solids have an important role to play in the chemistry as the internal organization structure of molecule of several materials like the Platonic solids which are seen in the organization of molecule of natural crystals.

Einstein had stated that space without aether is unthinkable since in space, not only would there be no propagation of light but no space time intervals in the physical sense as well. In new physics, matter is created each moment as a standing wave – a vortex in the vacuum and the condensed centre of the vortex creates the illusion of a particle.

All matter created, absorbs torsion waves which can be static or dynamic and if dynamic, the waves tend to move at superluminal speed, a billion times faster than the speed of light. As per the studies of Kozyrev, thoughts as well as feelings generate torsion waves and consciousness relates to Aether vibration.

The torsion waves could be the basis of several observations in remote viewing telepathy and psycho kinesis.

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