Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dropa Stones, Was It The Proof For Aliens Early Visit?

              According to certain writers a dwarf like extraterrestrials were landed near the Tibet- China border about 12000 years ago. Very hard to believe, isn’t it?  Beijing University’s archaeology department head Mr. Chi Pu Tei   and his team expedite the Himalayan mountains and found a series of caves in the pathless mountain high. The beauty is the caves were artificially carved. The walls and floors were squared and polished. In some of the tunnels or say caves he found a line of tombs in a systematical arrangement.  Within the tombs they found skeletons of four feet length are buried. They had a very big head and very small thin delicate bodies. Some of the archeologists claimed those might be the bodies of the mountain gorillas. But Prof. Tei doubts how the apes can bury themselves, that too in a neat arrangement?  Professor’s question sounds good know? 

              But there is no supporting evidence other than hundreds of stone discs of one foot wide. In that Dropa Stones there is a small hole in the center and it resembles the phonogram records. On the walls of the caves he found the rising sun, stars, moon, mountains and a line of small dots that connects the land and the sky. 

                 The disks were taken to the Beijing University for deciphering process but it was futile. But in 1958 Dr. Tsum Um Nui found some hieroglyphs of some special pattern in each groove of the plate. The hieroglyphics were very small to view with naked eye and that too some were worn due to erosion. According to Dr. Tsum Um the Dropa space craft may crash landed there and most of the Dropa were killed by the locals. Dr. says ‘that the Dropas came down from the space ship and there was no chance of building a new one to return to their own land. In his later age he was never allowed to publish his findings. In 1965 Prof. Chi Pu Tei and other four, got permission to publish their findings. They collected around 716 grooved discs from the caves. The scripts says, they aliens were hunted by the local tribes.

               The Dropa stones are of one food with and they are resting on a seat. When the Russian scientists tested the rock particles of Dropa disc and they found large amount cobalt. When they are made to vibrate they vibrate in an unusual rhythm when electric charge is passed through them. According to the Russian scientists this Dropa stones are similar to the hard disks of now a days.
But the later stage the Critics rejects the claims. But the facts were not found exactly, mainly because of the Government involved and various other reasons.


  1. Watever..I found your post really interesting....very few people dare to touch such topic with such credibility...

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  2. Genuine effort to evoke interest in this field to find out the facts.

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