Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Je-ju Island Mystery

Je-ju Island
Jeju Island – A Volcanic Island

The Jeju Island, a volcanic island is dominated by Halla Mountain, volcano 1,959 metres high and also the highest mountain in South Korea with the island measuring around 73 km across, east to west and 41 km from north to south.

 This island was formed completely from volcanic eruptions around 2 million years ago during the time extending from the Tertiary to the beginning of the Quaternary period consisting mainly of basalt and lava.

It eruptions occurred during the Cenozoic era and it has a humid subtropical climate which is warmer than that of Korea having four distinct weather seasons.

The winters are cool and dry while the summers are humid, hot and at times rainy. It has a crater lake which is the only crate lake in South Korea.

Mysterious Road/Dokkaebi Road 

The Jeju Mysterious Road also known as Dokkaebi Road is located on a hill at the foot of a mountain connecting two major highways on Jejudo Island. It has received its name due to an optical illusion which makes the downward slopping road appear to rise uphill and cars stopping on the road and left out of gear seem to roll uphill.

The road has a three degree downward slant though it looks to go uphill due to the surround terrain which created the optical illusion. One should take advantage of exploring the Mysterious Road on the Jeju City side of the island, while going through Loveland.

It would be a wonderful experience before driving on the actual road though it will enhance the experience with its optical illusion Technically the Mysterious Road is an optical illusion where the countryside makes the road seems like its travelling uphill while in reality the road is a downward slope.

The gravity of the road makes it an interesting experience and one of the most appealing places to visit and witness the experience.

Optical Illusion 

This is due to the gravity wherein a place where a slight downhill slope may appear to be an uphill slope because of the layout of the surround land creating an optical illusion where water flow uphill or a car left out of gear seems to roll uphill.

There is no charge to visit Jeju Mysterious Road though one would need to hire a taxi or a bus to get there where at the end of the road one will find food tents, gift shops and mini marts or probably a bottle to witness the experience of the mysterious road while visiting this amazing island.

The drive on the mysterious road is a slow process since there are many visitors on the road interested in witnessing this awesome experience. As the drive starts, the car is in neutral and pointed to the upwards motion of the car and keeps driving steadily uphill but without the engine power to aid it.

 The traveller also gets a strange feeling of the gravity pull of going uphill and one will find several types of bottles placed on the road placed by other to witness the scene as the bottles defied gravity and moved uphill.

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