Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The History Mystery: The religious sex customs of ancient world

                   Throughout the history the religion of the goddess was practiced and is always of positive sex. Let us start with the most famous sacred marriage ritual or else called Hieros Gamos.  Around five thousand years before this rituals were most famous one in Sumerian. The chief priest is considered as the substitute of the God and treated as Goddess. The ruler had to sex with the Goddess to show the people the acceptance of the god as ruler and guardian of her people. This act indirectly shows that the high priest is the supreme authority of the people.  Inanna is the goddess of love sex and warfare. Here is part of the ceremony Scared Marriage (or Scared prostitution) described below:

                           The high priest act in the place of Inanna and she order for everything to be readied. And the bed was set up in front of entire public. The people watch the entire rituals including the sexual activity. At the end of the ceremony the entire public would shout cheerfully to show their approval and happiness. As they that this scared marriage brought prosperity to the people and to their land so they witness its successful climax.

                        In Egypt, the things are quite different as that of Sumerian; the Egyptian enjoyed the sex to the fullest satisfaction not only in their life time but also in the eternal life. Yes they believed in enjoying sex after the death. The false pennies and nipples found with the mummies give the proof for that. They also believed in getting children after the death (the fertility dolls with broad hip and paddle dolls with wide pubic area found with the mummies gives the proof for that).

       If any knight wants to be a Pharaoh, he had to marry his half sister who must be a royal princess that was the custom of that time in Egypt.

                                    Interestingly in Rome, marriage was unbinding license for sexual catharsis. But that meant for only the elite, Royal citizens and the common public don’t have the right to marry.


  1. Maybe this person should edit his or her texts for grammatical and historic accuracy before posting. Here a funny (?) example taken from above: "Here is part of the ceremony Scared Marriage (or Scared prostitution)..". I know that marriage can be scary at times but I think the person meant "sacred".

  2. I think people who are intelligent enough to know the mistakes and look past it and understand the subject will only probably get the message from the posts... keep posting. Intellectual.


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