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History Mystery - The Squatting Man

The Squatting Man

The Squatting Man– Prevalent Symbol

The Squatting Man
The Squatting Man or stickman figure is a prevalent symbol which is found in every culture and is often confused with a distorted version of the human form. The Squatter Man image is an archetype that has been carved into rocks or petroglyphs by prehistoric man which has been recorded by almost all nations and civilisation on the continents in ancient times.

It was believed that the ancients painted colour rock art and started painting strange white shapes and figures where everyone started painting the same images at the same time. Many are speculating that these races were either in contact with one another or they were all inspired by the same event which could be the most likely way of having seen it, if the event was in the sky.

 The Squatting Man which has been recorded across the world is: Australia, Northern Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Malta. These images were the same and so inspiring that they had to be recorded for the people of the future generation.

Squatting Man Petroglyphs – High Energy Plasma Discharge Event

The Squatting Man
The Squatter Man petroglyphs were mapped with their GPS location, orientation and its type by a group of scientist and their findings of 100,000s of Squatter Man petroglyphs had been analysed and it was found that it pointed to a location in the southern sky, One of the most leading high energy Plasma Discharge research scientists in the world, Anthony Peratt recognised that the rock art or petroglyphs, geoglyphs and pictograms were the same as the result of what he had seen.

Thereafter he carried out an extensive field study on cave drawings as well as rock art, all around the world. His discoveries were that these petroglyphs were a recording of a high energy Plasma Discharge event which was seen in the Earth’s atmosphere that was witnessed by the ancient people at that time.

Chances of Synchrotron Radiation Release

If one searches for the Squatting Man and Tree of life images from across the world, one would notice that everyone had seen them and these associated images had been carved into rock. It was noticed that rock art went from being colourful paintings of the world to suddenly white surreal images which were chipped and painted white or red line together with outline which seemed to have occurred often on a global event.

Besides, Peratt, Anthony van der Sluijs also investigated the Squatter Man images as well as the various other visual geometric patterns and both of them found that most of the rocks that were used for the petroglyphs had certain characteristics, with similar directions with mountain or hill ranges shielding those who created the rock art.

 If the Squatting Man were of Plasma Discharge as seen in the heavens then there could be chances of Synchrotron Radiation release depending on the stage of the instability that would be harmful or even lethal to anyone who were exposed to it in the open space. Images of the Squatting Man as well as the Tree of life were also seen on the island of Malta which were carved and drawn on pottery as well as in limestone columns.

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