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Geocentricity – Earth the Core of the Solar System

Geocentricity is the belief and the teaching that the earth is the core of the solar system and/or of the universe. From correct mathematics and observation, it has been proved egocentricity that the earth is the centre of the universe where the sun revolves around the earth once every day. This was what most of the people prior to Copernicus, Galileo and the others believed in the Middle Ages.

However the people then were uneducated and ignorant and did not have the telescopes as recent centuries had, but they knew to observe and to think. Most of them had the Bible which clearly stated over and over the sun rises and sets each day. Biblical creationist tend to view creation of the cosmos as an event which is Earth-centred and the areas beyond our world were created to `declare the glory of God’ and hence it is assumed that the Earth is at the relative centre of the cosmos.

Geocentrism historically has been accompanied by certainty in geistationarity that the Earth is completely stationary and believe that the celestial bodies tend to revolve round the Earth as in Ptolemaic astronomy. Some contemporary geocentrists support amended form of Tycho Brahes’ model of the solar system wherein the sun tends to orbit the earth.

Present Physicists Refer Geocentric Perspective as Machian

Present physicists at times tend to refer to the geocentric perspective as Machian after the popular physicist, Ernst Mach who had denied the existence of total motion and space and had hence maintained that geocentrism as well as heliocentrism were alike. The knowledge of geocentrims was presumed to be abandoned when most of the scientists supported the heliocentric model which stated that our planet is a part of the solar system which itself is a portion of a huge galaxy.

On the other hand, Einstein’s relatively theory indicates that the same frame of reference in observing motion is arbitrary and since all the movements observed are considered relative, this argument could be more philosophical as well as metaphysical than being scientific. Several of the scientific establishment had debated against egocentricity by stating that the Earth tends to move around the Sun and is not at a stationed point in the centre of the universe. Geocentrists who are not certainly creationists as some modern evolutionary establishment may seem to consider, hold two varied perspectives.

Universe Revolves Around the Earth, Causing Necessary Movement

To a certain extent they could be right that human knowledge of the universe is insufficient to completely rule out a geocentric positioning within and if, the universe had been created to be seen from earth, it would imply that it is at the relative centre. The other camp tends to take a more extreme approach where they are of the belief that the universe revolves around the earth and causes the necessary movement needed to have the day and night together with the seasonal changes.

According to geocentric theories, the force and mass of the universe results in effects on the earth like the Coriolis Effect andthese geocentrists consider the earth at the main centre of such movement in a way that the sun revolves around a stationary earth while the planets revolve around the sun. In such a type of concept, the earth is viewed not as a planet since it implies a moving object.

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