Monday, July 6, 2015

Ancient Underground Tunnels of Germany

Underground Tunnel Networks - Discovered

Underground city is a sequence of linked subterranean space which could provide a defensive refuge, working or shopping, a place for living and much more. The term could also be related to a network of tunnels which could connect buildings below the street level that could house office blocks, metro stations, theatres and other attractions.

 Dr Heinrich Kusch, a German archaeologist, in his book - `Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World’ relates that tunnels were dug under exactly hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe and from the many tunnels which have survived 12,000 years indicate that the original network could have been quite massive. Kusch states that in Bavaria, Germany, alone around 7000 metres of these underground tunnel networks have been discovered.

In Styria, Austria around 350 meters long. Across Europe, there are thousands of them from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean. The tunnels seems to be quite small and measure only 70cm in width, which could be adequate for a person to creep through while in some areas, there are small rooms, storage chambers as well as seating places.

Purpose of Tunnels – Full of Speculation

Though several are of the belief that Stone Age humans were considered to be primitive, unbelievable discoveries like the 12,000 year old temple known as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and Stonehenge in England that exhibit advanced astronomical knowledge portray that they were not primitive as many believe it to be. Discovery of the vast network of tunnels recommends that Stone Age humans were not just spending their days gathering and hunting.

The actual purpose of the tunnels is full of speculation where some experts are of the belief that they were ways to protect man from predator while others were of the opinion that they were for the purpose to travel safely, a means of shelter from harsh weather conditions or it could also be safe from wars and violence. But the scientists, at this stage are only presuming since the tunnels have not yet revealed their secrets of the past.

Some Perceived Catastrophe

However, the question is why should such network be constructed in the first place and the answer to it could be some catastrophe or perceived catastrophe. It could possibly be the ancient man’s underground `continuity of government’ or `continuity of culture’ network.

 Based on this, one could probably speculate that such networks gives some insight to some ancient breakaway civilization network of installations which could be similar with regards to our own civilization’s underground bunkers, cities and research facilities, but the size of the ancient structures in most cases is dwarfed by the modern.

In any case, the presences of these networks in Europe and South America could recommend that whatever could be the system that it was created for; they could have been in response to a global situation, the first manifestation of the underground bunker.

No one had any indication as to why man made subterranean systems like the Erdstall was built but at least 700 of them exist in the German state of Bavaria alone with many more still hidden across Europe, from Hungary to Spain.

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