Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Mysteries does Pyramid Conceal? Part.I

Even today, almost five thousand years after its completion, the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt is a technical masterpiece. But its builders left no plans that might explain how it came to be built. It is still not completely clear why the pyramid was erected. With so few answers available, it seems that the great Pyramid will be surrounded by mystery forever.
 On the west bank of the Nile stand the astonishing Pyramids. The very shape of the pyramid, with its sturdy, earthbound base and its apex reaching for the heavens, articulates the combination of technical skill and spiritual commitment that their construction required.
The golden age of construction in Egypt occurred during the Fourth Dynasty, from 2868 to 2613 BC. For the most part, the pyramids were meant to serve as burial chambers for Pharaohs and other high officials. The foundation of the Egyptian monarchy relied on the immortality of the Pharaoh, and thus was predicted on a devout belief in an afterlife.
 The pyramid not only glorified the pharaoh but served as a sort of antechamber in which he would wait until he entered the next world. The Egyptians perfected the art of embalming to preserve the buried body, and often stocked the pyramids with royal amenities the pharaoh would want with him in the afterlife. In one tomb, for example, archeologists found some 40,000 stone vessels, enough to satisfy even the most regal of mummies as well as a retinue of servants, often buried close by the pharaoh.


  1. Always wondered the same "What Mysteries does Pyramid Conceal?" Thanks for helping me out..

  2. I have always been intrigued by Egyptian myths and their ways...while satisfying my quest, I came across this description as well. Another interesting belief that I came across was that it was built by the aliens as the entry and exit to the Earth is supposedly easy via Egypt itseems :))
    Interesting post, Raj!

  3. Your posts are always great food for the curious mind....excellent research goes into each one, few Bloggers can match it:)

  4. Pyramids is always a good choice for interesting conspiracies.

  5. the pyramids never stop making you wonder, do they?



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