Thursday, June 17, 2010

Did Adam and Eve have navels?

The book Omphalos, by English naturalist Philip Gosse (He is the first creator of Institutional aquarium) appeared in 1857, providing food for thought for biologists and philosophers alike. A staunch opponent of evolution, Gosse was nevertheless aware of the fossil and geological evidence in support of it. To fend off critics, he came up with a answer to the question: Did Adam and Eve have navels?  Since the navel is the vestige of birth- the cutting of the umbilical cord – Adam should have been created without one. But if Adam and Eve was both the model of the human being, they should have had one.
Gosse concluded that Adam and Eve both had navels because they were created as if they had been born from a womb. He even suggested that Adam may have been created with memories of a childhood that never happened so that he would be a normal human being. This speculation raised the possibility that all the physical evidence for the earth’s antiquity found in the ground – fossil remains; geological formation; pre historic habitation sites; and even dinosaur fossils – was created in 4004 BC so that the earth would appear to be millions of year old.
Why such a thorough and elaborate ruse would have been perpetrated by the Creator was never made clear- Gosse attributed it to a test of Faith- and neither was Gosse ever able to respond to the simplest question critics asked: how do we know that the entire universe was not create five minutes ago with all of human history, including the Biblical account of Creation, embedded in our memories as if it really happened?


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  2. وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الإنْسَانَ مِنْ صَلْصَالٍ مِنْ حَمَإٍ مَسْنُونٍ

    And verily We have man (Adam) from dried clay (derived) from mud molded into shape. ( QUR'AN SURROH : AL-HIJR : 26 )

  3. God Created Adam and Eve ,
    Both of them have a relationship with God
    Till then one day Sin came in ,
    They have been thrown down on earth
    Must restore the love from God
    Even so the relationship between God is Jesus to a Men !

    So have faith and believed on our father lord

  4. Human have their own believer and a believer believe in the Creator

  5. Wow its a wonderful picture nice share friend

  6. இப்போ உலகம் இருக்கெற நிலையில் இந்த தொப்புள் ஆய்வு வேண்டுமா...?

  7. hmmm nice sharing rajkumar sir :)

  8. Since God Created Adam and Eve from the dust and breathed the life.They might have not had the navels.The reason is that they were created from the dust and not from the womb.

  9. there is a story that the devil spit on the ground and from then on, people had navels...or something like that...


    the devil did it!


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