Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The riddles behind the Shroud of Jesus!!!!????!!!!

For the last few centuries the traditional Christians believed a 4.34meters long and 1.09 meters wide ancient linen piece of shroud or a burial cloth wrapped around the body was that of Jesus while he was lay down from the cross. This shroud has a faint out line of a crucified man. This facial features in this shroud was the inspirations for the image of Christ, that too be Jesus as a beard man.

This priceless shroud was preserved in the cathedral of Turin which is in North Italy. If the shroud of Turin is the real shroud that wrapped around Jesus that too it bears the features of the saviour then it really a priceless relic of Christianity, and it should be most carefully preserved and guarded. Though in 1997 a fire broke out in the cathedral that shroud was undamaged. Since then it has been stored at a unknown place.

As usual a big question arise, whether it is a genuine shroud or not? To find out the real fact the scientists have used a latest technology. The shroud has been subjected to X- Ray, Chemical analysis,microscopic analysis,infra red photography, ultra violet and radio carbon dating.

The relic owner the noble family once ruled part of Italy handed over it to Vatican in 1983. after five years the Vatican gave permission to British Museum experts to examine the shroud. The tests were conducted in the laboratories in Arizona,Tuscon, Zurich and Oxford. They finally concluded it was of 14Th century and it was not that of Jesus.

How ever the scientist of the remaining world contradicted and question the creditability of the findings. In 1989 and 1993 scientists conferences were conducted, the scientists carefully analysed the laboratory result but they came out with different conclusions.

A Russian scientist tried to prove it was younger and it was permeated with soot from fire. Some scientists considered the dating was incorrect the Patina was of fungal and bacteria. but the findings gives you following certainties.
The image was was not painted and it is indelible.
The blood stains indicates the body was wrapped some two and half an hour after death.
The blood reveals the body is that of a male.
The blood group was AB
The body had covered with this shroud more than 36 hours.

Only question unanswered is how the image is negative rather than positive?

It is here to worth mention that the image is hard to recognise in original while a negative clearly. shows The body, The limbs and The face more clearly. But any way it is a remarkable preservation!!!!!!!!!!!

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