Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amazing Indian Sadhus!!!!!!!!

In India more than80% to 90%of total population is following Hinduism and are classified as Hindus. Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions. The Islam and Christianity follow great monotheistic faiths where as Hindus worship multitude of gods and there are wide variety of religious observances and practices.

One of the most fascinating groups in Hinduism are Sadhus. The literary meaning of Sanskrit word Shadu is “good ones”. They are extremely devout individuals. They are very determined to attain Mukthi (sacking rebirth) or eternal bliss.

Their religious conviction makes them to give up their jobs, possessions and family and live as hermits in the caves of Himalayas or of wandering ascetics.

The Sadhus strive to experience Samadhi, a point of complete unity with God Shiva who is one of the supreme gods of Hindu pantheon. In achieving Samadhi a shadhu realizes that his soul entirely with in the creator. His breathing will be controlled or otherwise almost stopped. And Samadhi is their ultimate aim.

Most of the Sadhus are vegetarians because of their respect for all living things some Sadhus called as Aahoris are not like so, they are of entirely different. They voluntarily give up the earthly pleasures to follow the very difficult path of asceticism, the object of which is deliverance and eternal bliss. The one of the basic principle of Hinduism is reincarnation they are ultimately aim for that and their goal is to free themselves from rebirth. They pursue an ideal- the renunciation of worldly things. A few undertake pilgrimages to Hindu holy temples. Others perform strict rites of repentance and live alone in caves and forests. The Hindus often visit these holy saints as the part of their worship.

The entire creation is driven by the push for to unite with the divine and this gives them extra ordinary powers. They can fast for months together, walk on beds of lowing fire, can walk with the footwear made up of nails and pierce or mutilate their bodies – seemingly with out pain.

They have the ability to interpret and transmit thoughts and call back the spirit of the dead. The Sadhus have enormous power then can make their bodies float in the air. They can duplicate themselves and appear in two places at the same time. They can change the scent of a Jasmine flower into scent of a Rose.

Scientists in the field of parapsychology have studied their various mysterious abilities and conformed many of these astonishing observations. But our modern science rejects that Sadhus have extra sensory abilities because it contradicts the rationalistic thoughts.


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